My Top Tiny Energy Tips To Create Really Big Results

These tiny energy tips are low effort and won’t take up a lot of energy or time. Yet, they have a big impact if you put your heart and soul into them, and do them consistently. You will get big results.

Try these little habits at the start of your day. I’m not suggesting you do all eight. Pick and choose what is right for you. You might choose only one of these tips to start your day. It’s up to you.

1. Infuse Your Morning Cuppa

Whatever you drink as your morning beverage, this is the perfect time to infuse energy into the cup. If you’ve had Reiki training, that is a wonderful energy to use that’s filled with love and healing to put into your drink.

But even if you haven’t done Reiki, you can still send powerful energy into your cup. Imagine sending love, nourishment, peace, calm, creativity, or innovation. Anything that is your heart’s desire can be infused into your cup.

Take about a minute to charge your beverage with whatever you need for the day – then drink it! You are injesting all those good vibes – it’s amazing and so simple.

Now you can start your day off with a bang because you’re focusing your energy on what you want and giving it to yourself which is highly empowering.

2. Set an Intention for Your Day

When you set an intention for your day, you are setting yourself up to have the kind of day you want. You put your energy out in a focused way that creates a pathway for your day to follow. It’s making a statement to the Universe for how you want things to go.

Do this before you even get out of bed which puts you on the path to have the kind of day you want. You could do this by saying something like:

  • Today, I’m going to feel blessed
  • Today, I’m going to get everything on my list done
  • Today is going to be a lot of fun
  • Today everything goes smoothly, so I can relax at the end of the day.

You can change this every day or if you’re working on a big project, you can repeat the intention daily until it’s complete.

3. Repeat this Empowering Statement

This is one of my favorite energy tips. I love to start my day by saying, “I am open to the magic that is all around me.” When I remember to say this, then, I am open to the magic. It’s everywhere, but it’s up to you to wake up, be aware, and notice that magic.

Unfortunately, like most people you are likely not noticing because you’re bogged down by all the things you’ve got to get done. Me too! It’s a choice to become more conscious, receptive, and aware of the magic!

You want to notice the signs and synchronicities that will guide you and give you confirmation that you’re on the right path. This might be numbers like 11:11, or an animal that crosses your path. Whatever it is, the magic is there to help you.

4. Affirmational Questions

This is so simple. Take an affirmation and turn it into a question to confuse your your inner critic. For example, if you said, “I lose 10 lbs so easily” your inner critic might say, “Who are you kidding? That will never happen. You can’t stick to a diet. Blah, blah, blah.”

However, if you turn the affirmation into a question like this, “How did I get to be lucky enough to lose 10 lbs. so easily?” your brain will actually try to figure this out. This is how you circumvent your monkey mind or inner critic who will argue with a statement you aren’t sure you firmly believe.

It’s fun to say this out loud too, so give it a try!

5. Sweep Your Front Porch

This is super easy! Take a minute or two every morning to sweep outside your front door. This is a Feng Shui, Asian tradition to keep the path to your front door clear, inviting good fortune.

You can do it outside your back door too, if you want. So simple, but energetically impactful! Listen to more on clearing your home here.

6. Expand Your Energy Field

Everything is energy and you are a part of everything. When you expand your field, you blend with all there is. That means you now have access to everything you want! You can do this in a minute or two, it’s so quick.

Imagine you have a spark of divine white light in your heart center and as you breathe that spark grows until you are engulfed in a ball of white light. Then go out from the top of your head into the cosmos, past the earth, the moon, and the solar system, all the way to the Milky Way.

Now, you are in the galaxy, which is incredibly expansive. You can connect with your higher self, soul, spirit guides, angels, light beings, and your whole and healed ancestors. How magical is it to blend in with the fabric of the Universe? It’s truly blissful.

One thing to keep in mind: Call your energy back when finished, so you are standing in a column of light that is close to your body. If you’re an empath, this keeps you safe and from picking up anyone else’s energy. Don’t skip this step.

7. Breathe Through Your Heart

Close your eyes and imagine that you can breathe in through the front of your heart center and exhale through the back. This is calming and centering, and gets you in touch with your heart.

When you come from your heart, you know you are on the highest path. This works very fast to shift your energy and open your heart.

8. Call in Your Angels

Another simple tip – call in your angels. You have angels that watch over you. But they can’t help you unless you ask! They are waiting to help, so don’t hesitate. Plus, there are loads of angels with specific purposes like Archangel Michael who offers protection or Archangel Raphael for healing.

Just remember, when you call in a specific angel, say the name three times to get their attention. I did a whole episode on angels which you can listen to here.

There are two tiny tips including Paving the Way and Sugar Bowl Magic, but you’ll have to listen to the podcast to catch them.

I’d love to hear from you about which of these tips you try and how they worked. Please feel free to tell me how it went in the comment section below. Thanks and have fun with these tips!

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