My Secrets to Manifest Love & The Relationship of Your Dreams

Ready to manifest love? Discover my secrets about how I found love and my proven methods shared with private clients. This is a jam packed episode!

This episode focuses on the inner steps for finding love. It’s not about who should call first, pay for dates, anything about texting, or how to use the apps.

Instead, in this episode I’m talking about how to believe in love, raise your vibration, and make the most of several proven manifesting methods that worked for me and 20 years worth of dating coaching clients.

This includes mindset work, raising your vibration, affirmations with a unique application, what I did to heal my heart and move myself forward. Plus, how I worked with and used Law of Attraction, vision boards and so much more.

Listen to more on Law of Attraction and Love here.

Taking all these steps and investing yourself in the process ensures that when you take action, you’ll be fully aligned with your intention for love. That’s the best way to make it happen!

Affirmations for Love!

I’m quite sure that any woman who truly desires love and is willing to take the needed steps, can and WILL find love! You were born to be in a loving relationship with the right guy who is supportive, fun, intelligent and more. It’s your destiny!

This first thing to manifest love is to get your own loving energy within your heart moving again. I did this with very specific affirmations. You want to begin at ground zero which is to start believing that you can and will find love. There is a man for you and he is out there waiting for you as well!

So, don’t start your affirmations with marrying the ideal man. That could easily create resistance because internally, you aren’t there yet. Start with simply believing finding love for you is possible.

The purpose of affirmations is to convince your subconscious mind that what you want is possible. And this is done with repetition!

Then at some point your subconscious mind will pick up on the affirmations and you can up your game and change the affirmation to something stronger. Maybe, “I am in a loving relationship with a wonderful man.” Then you can move on to a marriage affirmation next, all part of the Law of Attraction for love.

I said my affirmations throughout the day. When I took my morning walk, while doing dishes, in the shower, while driving and more. This is not a 10-minutes and done exercise, but don’t worry, you don’t need to carve time out of your busy day. You can say them when you are doing other mundane tasks.

Within just a few weeks of starting my affirmations, a friend called to set me up on a blind date! That worked so much faster than I could imagine. I said yes and we dated for six months, but he wasn’t the right man. However, he sure was the right man to get me started on this path to find love.

Taking Action to Find “The One”

I also started working the outer path at the same time to manifest love. That means I went out to meet men. How can the right man find me if I’m not making myself available and getting out there?

In addition, I used personal ads which were the most prevalent method available before online dating became a mainstream thing. Just 22 words and a voicemail – no photo at all!

But it was really fun! I enjoyed this method of meeting men. There was a time when things got a little crazy and I was dating three guys named John!

All of this was a big piece of my spiritual journey as I came to firmly believe that love was my destiny. And that the right man for me was available and looking for me too. We would find each other!

Your Belief in Love Is Essential

Believing strong that love was my destiny fueled the fire and kept me going. It kept me taking action so I didn’t throw in the towel and quit. You can’t just manifest love through inner work, you also have to take action which is meeting men.

Feng Shui was part of my method and I created a beautiful love corner. It was a lot of fun and gave me an area of focus when it came to love. You can listen to my podcast on Feng Shui for the Bedroom to learn a lot more.

There’s so much more in this episode about my journey to manifest love including a meditation where Mother Mary came to me with advice which was a total shocker. I felt so honored by this visitation and quite surprised, but greatly appreciative.

The end of the story is that I dated 30 men in 15 months to find the man I’ve been married to for over 20 years and we are still very happy and going strong.

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