Healing With Horses – Equus Coaching With Jenn Peterson

What do horses have to do with finding your truth and healing? I learned about healing with horses in this week’s episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast.

Discovering Equus Coaching

Equine coachingMy guest this week explains how she became an Equus Coach and shares remarkable stories of transformation for her clients. Horses can do a lot more than take you for a ride!

I started by asking Jenn how she went from being an award-winning ad executive to becoming an Equine Coach. When this journey began, she’d just had a baby who had some developmental struggles, so there was a lot to juggle.

Before having a baby, Jenn had worked with a life coach who helped her quickly figure out whether to have a baby naturally or adopt. Reviewing that pivotal time, the idea came that coaching might be a good career change for her. She had a longing to help people.

Her own life coach had studied with Dr. Martha Beck who had a spiritual life coaching school. On this fateful day, Jenn opened her lap top to discover the details. Then she shut the cover within minutes because she didn’t have that money and wasn’t free on Tuesday afternoon for an entire year.

5 Minutes to Manifest

Just 5 minutes later, her phone rang and it was HR, letting her know she’d been downsized! They gave her a year severance, plus a check coincidently, for the exact amount of the program. Now she had the money and was free every Tuesday!

Jenn felt full of joy at this news! In that moment it became obvious something bigger was at play in her life. Everything had lined up literally in minutes to make her new direction possible.

Once she started the program, Jenn did a Shamanic journey with Dr. Martha Beck and saw a horse who gifted her a brass ring. Her life coach partner suggested she start working with horses to see if she liked it. The idea came that perhaps Equus Coaching was Jenn’s new path.

Next, Jenn found a horse farm for an internship that was willing to teach her everything about horses if she helped them move and she worked with them for 6 years soaking it all in. She never dreamed they’d accept her within one hour of sending her application!

Healing with Horses

healing with horses equus coachingAs it turns out, there are many benefits of equine therapy and Jenn’s foray into this arena also helped her daughter.

When her daughter was 4, she started riding horses in a therapeutic program. Within two years, her language disorder was completely gone and her recovery was confirmed with a neuropsychological evaluation. Nothing else worked including speech therapy. Amazing!

Healing with horses works in many ways. Jenn says the horses gait is actually a big part of the healing in equine therapy. Apparently, therapists find the exact horse with the right gait to do the type of healing required.

How Jenn Works

Clients don’t actually ride horses when working with Jenn. Instead, Jenn and her clients talk about the situations they want to change outside the horse’s paddock.

The next step is to notice the horse’s behavior after talking for a while, to get clues about what is underneath preventing clients from having what they want. The horses actually reveal the truth about what the clients feel, since often their words and feelings are often not in alignment.

In other words, you might think one thing, but the horses will reflect what’s going on in your subconscious mind. Yes, they are highly intuitive! They provide non-verbal, non-judgmental biofeedback. So when you are “lying” to yourself, the horses will show you exactly that.

Horses excel at providing clarity on what needs to heal AND on showing clients their own magnificence. Healing with horses helps you unwind cultural biases or from family and more. They cut to the truth quickly.

Case Study #1 – Finding Love

Jenn T PetersonOne client, let’s call her Samantha, had an abusive father, which as it often does, lead to having an abusive husband. Samantha told Jenn that she’s a brilliant woman who is rocking her career, so why can’t she figure out how to find a healthy relationship?

Jenn invited her to come to the farm. As Samantha shared her story and wasn’t being totally truthful with herself, the horses were standing on the other side of the paddock. But, when she started to get at the real truth, the horses came closer and connected with her heart.

Basically, Samantha believed she couldn’t hold a firm boundary with a narcissistic, abusive man which is why she couldn’t break up with one guy and he ended up stalking her.

After a cord cutting and healing with horses, everything seemed to clear up. From then on, Samantha became more present and clear-minded about her beliefs and within two months the wonderful man she’s with now came into her life.

Samantha admitted she never would have given this guy a second thought in the past because he was too good. But after the benefits of Equus Coaching, she could see how he was a far better match for her.

Case Study #2 – Conversation with Her Husband

Jenn loves to lean into the mysteries and the magic of the Universe. Me too! What blew her mind was that she could do this work over zoom! The horses still respond even though they cannot see the client. As with most things it’s all about the energy.

In session with her client, Barbara, they talked about a conversation she wanted to have with her husband. As Barb laid it out for Jenn, the horses showed her through their body language what could work or cause more fighting.

For example, when Barbara said something that would escalate the situation, the horses ears would pin back and appear less cooperative. This alerted her to the parts of the conversation that needed a better tone of voice or word choice, so she would be heard all the way through.

Barbara learned how to approach this type of conversation with love which changed her communication with her husband dramatically.

Horse Dynamics Give You Clues

Ultimately, healing with horses reflects back to you exactly what you most need to know for any situation you present. The horses play out the dynamic and heighten your awareness when you know what to look for.

Of course, Jenn is a huge part of this magical process. On any given day you might try this yourself if you had access to horses, but Jenn is the facilitator, helping this process unfold. That’s the horse whisperer part, right?

Jenn is also a Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher and she does Shamanic Equuus Coaching if her client has something she wants to create or manifest.

Listen to more on Shamanism

Are Horses More Intuitive Than Other Animals?

Jenn’s perspective is that horses have a higher level of consciousness and are more intuitive. She’s seen more of this type of exchange with horses, but she doesn’t discount other animals at all.

However, if you’re not a believer, you aren’t likely to have a powerful experience. You need to be spiritually open and curious to get the benefits of Equus Coaching.

There are a string of other fun and fascinating stories Jenn shares including transformative client examples, shaman tales, and animal communication.

I shared a video about the most amazing story about a black panther named Diablo in an ethical animal conservatory in South Africa, but you’ll have to listen to the podcast to get the rest. (Makes me cry every time I watch it!)

Ultimately, this is another episode that shows us we are all more connected that you might think on the surface. Knowing this can spread peace and unity, cooperation, respect and love.

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BIO – Jennifer Peterson

Breathe Love & Magic podcastJennifer Peterson is an Equus Coach, Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher and award-winning marketer who is a firm believer in the mystery and magic of life. She helps her clients release fear, so they can be wildly successful at life and business.

Jenn works in the presence of horses at Rising Starr Horse Rescue in Wilton, CT and follows the signs and synchronicities that appear. She spent 20+ years as a senior advertising executive successfully advising Fortune 500 companies how to identify and find their ideal customers.

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