Lisann Valentin, Female Shaman Answers “The Call” As A Healer

In this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, I’m speaking with Lisann Valentin, who is an empath and 5th generation female shaman, as well as an amplifier, author and actor.

Growing Up With Shamans

Lisann ValentinLisann said her family didn’t use the word shaman or even energy healer. These are things she came to understand later in life.

She’s Puerto Rican and part of her lineage comes from Spain, a mix of other European countries, and even African, so she’s a result of that cultural blending on the island.

The indigenous traditions were passed along without defining them. Lisann said, “This is just what you did on Saturday.”

There was a gathering with food, energy healing, and divination. Her mother was great with plants and her grandfather was a diviner, with super clairaudience – he heard it all.

Her great great grandmother was famous on the island for her gifts. The word shaman didn’t come into her life until 2006, when she was fascinated but terrified.

The Call To Be A Female Shaman

She heard about ayahuasca, the rainforest, and Peru and again was curious about shamanism. Then she thought, “Girl, you are from Brooklyn and you have no business being in a rainforest.” So, she shut it all down.

The second calling came after being on the Clubhouse app during the pandemic. She listened to a few shamans on the app, one being a kahuna from Hawaii and another a shaman from California.

While listening to them speak, her body felt like it was on fire. Electricity was running up and down her body and she couldn’t understand what was happening.

Lots of these initiations and mystical things started happening, so she sought people to help her. The next thing that happened – she was dreaming and got a visual of a shaman who asked if she was ready to answer the call. Was she ready to become a shaman?

She responded, “Yes,” and felt overjoyed. Then woke up and freaked out wondering what this meant and what had she committed herself too! From there it was like skyrocketing.

Shamanic Initiation

Lisann ValentinYou’ll hear about:

  • Her initiation in a dream where she was operated on by seven shaman surgeons who replaced her heart.
  • A dream in which her head gets chopped off and is replaced with something else.
  • Another dream where a shaman spread yellow jelly on her body and she later discovered what this important initiation really meant.

When you embrace your magic, you know that your words and intentions create your reality. Then it’s really exciting when someone else experiences and receives that too. This is evidence that your experience is REAL and what started happening for Lisann Valentin.

On her continued journey of growth, she started channeling other shamans for whatever kind of healing was needed. This expanded her repertoire.

Things can get a little wild because as a female shaman, Lisann might chant or sing. Once she even acted like she was knocking back a shot of vodka and spitting it out the way a Mongolian shaman does. This was quite surprising for her since it was all imaginary. You’ll  hear all about it when you listen to the podcast.

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Shamanic Healing Clients

Her first client said he felt like the two hemispheres of his brain were disconnected. Lisann was instructed to knit the two parts back together with golden thread. To her amazement, the client could feel this happening during the zoom session.

Lisann worked on a cancer patient and was told to burn peppercorn, even though she never heard of that before. Afterwards she looked it up and peppercorn is good for burning out dense or negative energy, and for getting out the root cause of blockages.

Shaman Means One Who Knows

Female ShamanLisann explained that shaman means “one who knows.” And what each shaman knows can be completely different. Lisann felt much better once she realized she could ask the spirits who approached her if they were good and served unconditional love.

If they answered yes, it meant they serve in God’s army, so she knew she was safe. However, if a spirit says no, she could alchemize them into unconditional love or firmly send them away.

Now, before she opens sacred space, she calls in all her helpers from unconditional love.

Practical Advice from A Female Shaman

I asked Lisann, as a female shaman, what was something the listeners needed to know that is practical and helpful.

When you want to really believe in what you are saying, the most practical thing is to get grounded (anchor in this moment), let go of anything that isn’t yours (release energy), then use your words (create your reality).

How do you do this?

Grounding – You can do this with your breath, in the shower, running, or lighting a fire. Use whatever tools make you feel grounded.

Release – Let go of everything that does not serve your highest good and get into a peaceful state. Think about someone you love or your dog, or a beautiful experience.

Anything that brought you joy will work. Breathe into the feeling of that joy and love. This is how you alchemize and shift your energy in a moment.

Anchor into love – Connect with spirit or play with nature – that’s how you open up your intuition. This is also how you find more peace in your life. You don’t need to do anything else but be yourself and anchor into love.

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Lift Your Vibration

Shamanic healingIf you’re having a difficult time, remember a moment when you did feel a spark of love or joy. It might be something super simple, like looking at the stars or walking at the beach.

Then say to yourself, “I’m having a good day.” This is training yourself to focus on the good and moving into gratitude as well. You can feel this way anytime, it’s just a muscle that needs to be exercised. After a while, you won’t need the memory, it will just come up with your intention.

As humans, it’s common to make things complicated. You want the recipe, the instructions, and the specific directions. But according to Lisann, female shaman, you are the recipe and blueprint, just as you are.

Spirituality doesn’t have to be an elusive, scary thing. Tune into yourself because you are so powerful. Give yourself a moment to feel that power in the shape of love, get more grounded, release stuff from the day and use your words in a positive way to transform our life.

If you can do this, life will be so much better. What a wonderful way to wrap up the podcast interview!

Enjoy Lisann’s Free Gift – a shaman journey meditation to release and let go.

BIO – Lisann Valentin

5th generation shamanA native New Yorker,  actress, amplifier, and bestselling author, Lisann Valentin has had many careers, and being a 5th generation shaman (boitiu) has played into every single role, even when she didn’t know it.

Learning from and about the lineage of healers in her Puerto Rican family and the power of prayer in her own life, these contrasting experiences amplified her faith and her empathic gifts, which helped her thrive in any environment.

It took years for Lisann to embrace her calling as a shaman, several careers, and the courage to untangle from limiting beliefs. The descendant of four generations of intuitive healers before her, it wasn’t until she answered “the call” as a shaman that everything fell into place.

From pounding the pavement on Wall Street as a lawyer and working the red carpet as an actor and author, she has sown seeds of peace every step of the way. She has also appeared on dozens of hit TV shows and films, and her books have graced many best seller lists.

As a professional storyteller and shamanic amplifier, she continues to guide other empaths like herself – creatives, leaders, and healers – to thrive within their gifts…on-screen and on the stage of life.

Lisann Valentin proudly walks in her purpose (in jeans and sneakers) between NYC and Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.

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