Discover Your Star History With Galactic Astrology & Ulrika Sullivan

You’ve had past lives on earth, but also in different star systems! Discover your soul’s star history with Galactic Astrology and my guest Ulrika Sullivan, in this week’s episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast.

What is Galactic Astrology?

Galactic AstrologyIn this practice, Ulrika combines her intuitive skills with the Akashic Records and astrology to help you understand your soul’s journey. Readings like this can be an accelerator for self-awareness and deep insights that expand your consciousness.

As luck would have it or with the help of synchronicity, Ulrika just landed in front of Julia Balaz’s program online. Upon seeing it, she got a huge intuitive YES! The Universe conspired to have her take this program and get certified.

Your Galactic Heritage

When you take a higher perspective, you can think about how your soul is so vast, beyond traditional astrology in our solar system. In Galactic Astrology, you get beyond our sun and out into the Universe, which helps you learn about your soul’s uniqueness.

This adds another transformative level to gaining insights about what makes you who you are.

Julia Balaz was a past life regressionist and after doing thousands of sessions, she found some interesting similarities. She’s traced things back to constellations in people’s natal astrology chart to understand the bigger picture.

Indigenous people have continued to follow the stars for thousands of years and are multi-dimensionally connected, while many of us are living from the 3-D perspective only which is not as high a vibration.

This is what we’re doing on earth right now – being invited to remember we are galactic citizens and to live a bigger life than just going to work, coming home, socializing, and doing laundry.

A reading will help you look at what’s relevant in your chart right now. First you can get your Galactic Astro chart done FREE here. But then you do need the professional interpretation to make heads of tails of the information provided. 

For herself, Ulrika has very strong connections to Andromeda and Beta Centauri. But she says everyone has experience with multiple star systems in their soul history and its much more complex then just saying something simple like, “I’m from Lyra.”

Knowing your galactic history can help you validate and confirm who you really are which gives you a deeper sense of peace.

She Really Was Angelic!

How does this galactic astrology information impact the reader? One client always had the sense she was connected from the Angelic Realm. Ulrika discovered that was true about her! This allowed the woman to stop doubting herself and open to the frequency of her point of origin.

How cool is that?

Of course, I wanted to understand why someone who had been in the Angelic Realm would ever come here to earth? Ulrika says your soul continues to evolve and so, perhaps she wanted to experience duality – earth sure is the ideal place for that!

There is plenty of unfinished business for anyone to investigate and learn about.

Ulrika has seen a lot of alignment between Lyra and Orion and when she learns about her clients, this has explained their interactions. This has happened more than once.

It’s also true that the practitioner will likely attract clients with curious similarities and this has been fun for her. The likelihood that she and I have been together in the past is also high. It goes a step beyond the soul family to the star family.

Atlantis and Lemuria also come up frequently in her readings because many people have come back to earth now, at this time to be here for these wild changes we are going through.

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BIO – Ulrika Sullivan

Ulrika supports mindful working women to find calm and return to balance in all areas of their lives. She’s a mom, wife, National Bestselling Author, intuitive spiritual life coach, podcaster, energy healer, yoga teacher, and a fiercely calm professional.

And now, she does Galactic Astrology!

Ulrika is passionate about helping you see your life in a new light and get you to where you want to be professionally, personally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

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