How To Find Joy In The Journey – My Spiritual Adventure Update

Discover how to find joy in the journey in this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast. Get the update on my spiritual adventure which includes learning how to let go, synchronicities as guidance on the path, and the fastest path to joy!

The Spiritual Adventure Continues!

Breathe Love & Magic podcastA few weeks ago I talked about a Celtic Shaman Journey I went on where I encountered Merlin who had a message for me. He told me I was on an adventure with no destination, no map, no guide, and no details! I’m just going blindly somewhere.

If you missed the first episode about my spiritual adventure you can listen here.

That was a bit daunting which is why I invited you, the listeners to come along with me. So, on my first update, I want to let you know that quite a bit has happened! That’s a little surprising considering I don’t even know where I am going.

Networking Online

My first stop was at a networking event where I met Jen who is a somatic coach and she talks about the Power of Gesture. Normally this wouldn’t appeal to me, but I did a free session with her and it ended up being fun. So, I agreed to do a series of sessions with her.

I set my intention for the sessions to learn how to accept what is and find joy in the journey.  The first thing I worked on was resistance. Jen has you make hand gestures that represent what you are feeling – it is so interesting!

I put my gestures together, she played some music, and I started crying! I have no idea what that was about but Jen said it doesn’t matter. I’m releasing stuck energy and emotion and that’s a good thing.

The Sunflower Pose

find your joyThe next session I worked on letting go of frustration. In the third session, I wanted to release feeling constricted, so I could feel more expansive. My hands started at the heart level with the palms up, then I raised them and moved them out to the sides of my body, as my head tilted back just a little.

I call this the Sunflower Pose. As I did this gesture, the sun was shining in the window on my face, which felt really good. This took me back to a blessing I wrote 10 years ago with the help of my spiritual guides.


Connect with the Oneness and expand
Celebrate that you are a part of everything
Elevate your energy to the level of your desire
And shine, shine like the sun
Beam love and joy from your heart
Embrace the sparkling being you already are
Flow with the Universe and blossom
And be grateful for all you are and have today

Every time I say this blessing, especially the “shine like the sun” part, I feel joyful, and connected to spirit. That’s what relates to the Sunflower Pose. It just puts me into a blissful state. This is how my soul shines with a higher frequency.

Find Joy in the Journey

That’s when the light bulb went on as I realized this was my intention, right? Accept what is and feel more joy! The Sunflower Pose does that for me!

Plus, when you accept what is, you can grow, shift, and expand, because you are no longer struggling. I am learning to let go, by shifting my focus to feeling more joy.

I realized that if I kept thinking about how to let go, I wouldn’t be able to because I’d be thinking about it! Turns out distraction is a vital piece to letting go. The Sunflower Pose is letting go and shifting into a much higher frequency!

Listen to this Podcast Snack about Letting Go

This encouragement to find joy in the little things is not new to me. Spirit has been telling me this for a few years. But for some reason, I don’t find following this advice very easy. I did get a short message from the honeysuckle deva about the sweetness of life last year.

Meaning of Sunflowers

find joy in the little thingsNow, let’s talk why I named this pose, The Sunflower. I looked up what sunflowers mean in a card deck – Soulflowers by Lisa Estabrook.

“Confident sunflowers stand tall and radiate, shining like the sun. When you are suffering from low confidence or self doubt (I’ve been in self doubt), Sunflower humbly reminds you of your true magnificence, instilling acceptance and understanding and allowing loving compassion to flow from  your heart.”

Sunflowers are believed to seek out the light and hold their heads high as if in adoration of the sun. They call out to you to appreciate who you are, and embrace and accept the differences between people.

Their message is, “Stand tall and follow your dreams. Focus on what is positive in your life and don’t let anyone get you down.” The thing is, I didn’t look that up beforehand, I just saw this now as I’m recording this. How magical!

Synchronicities Abound

I’m amazed at the synchronicity of my experience with the Sunflower Pose and the messages the flower offers. To me, this means, I’m on the right path to find joy in the journey because when synchronicities show up, that is magic! It’s a connection to spirit, which puts you on notice to pay attention.

Thankfully, I’m not missing a thing.

My thought is, if I can be comfortable where I am, then I can let go and naturally open to more joy. I won’t be struggling against what is. At that point, if I want to let go of something bothering me, I can just step into the Sunflower Pose and allow the shift to happen. That will surely help me find joy in the journey.

Find Happy Memories

find your joyI also have a business coach and we are working on the same thing, as it relates to my business. Michelle suggested I make a list of happy memories but surprisingly, that was really difficult. Most of my happy memories were tinged with some other disappointing memory.

For example, on my wedding day I was thrilled to finally get married for the first time at 43. However, the Justice of the Peace forgot to come and showed up 90-minutes late, while we were eating dinner. Not the end of the world but not a memory of pure happiness.

It took a while to breakthrough and uncover untainted happy memories. What I realized is that most of my current happy memories are more like magical moments.

For example, the first time I went into the Akashic Records intuitively, I had incredible energy rushes with energy circling my head, This lasted for several minutes and was no doubt, some kind of energetic initiation!

There have been a few fabulous vacations I’ve taken with my husband. We went on a cruise to Nova Scotia, a relaxing week in Martha’s Vineyard and an awesome tour of Ireland. OK, I do have happy memories, its just for some reason, it took a while to dig them up.

Create a Ceremony

Being disconnected from happy memories made me realize I needed to somehow separate my happy moments from the disappointing stories or feeling crushed that often followed.

To address this, I created a ceremony where I imagined pulling cords that connected my happy memories to the disappointment that sometimes followed. Next, I imagined that I burned these cords to transform them. Yes! That was so helpful to separate these states of being and prevent them from wrongly being tied together!

Magical Card Reading

Telling this story to the somatic coach, she recommended that I increase my awareness of the magic all around me. It was time to see, notice and pay attention to more of the magical clues my guides provide to help me find my way on the path.

Today, I decided to give myself a card reading and I picked one card from four decks to better understand where I am. The first is from the Aura Soma deck which is about color therapy. The card mentions wisdom of a new era and dissolving fear that hinders clear thoughts. That goes well with letting go!

The second card was the Whirling Goddess from the Rumi Oracle and it says certain thresholds can only be crossed with the heart. I’m being asked to trust vs. understand, so I can leave the past behind and embrace the beauty of life’s journey.

How amazing is that talking about having trust and being on a journey? That’s exactly where I’m at! Looking for joy in the little things. The third card was from the Sacred Creators deck and the card I chose had only three words, “Your soul shines.” That blows me away!

The last card was from the Soulflower Oracle deck, and I picked the Dandelion card which says, “Release and let it go! Listen to your body” which is like the work with the somatic coach. Also, release attachments that no longer serve your soul’s journey. I’m on it!

More Synchronicities

find joy in the journeyDid you notice the number of synchronicities? OMG that was a crazy amount of synchronicities! Between the journey, trust, letting go, and soul shining, I was absolutely astonished!

Wrapping up this spiritual adventure update, I just want to say that noticing the synchronicities, is my evidence that so far, the adventure is going well. I just have to have faith that I’m headed somewhere I need to go, even if I don’t know where that might be and that I will find joy in the journey.

What will you do to find your joy?

I’m sure there will be more to add to this tale, so stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “How To Find Joy In The Journey – My Spiritual Adventure Update”

  1. Hi Ronnie,

    This is a fabulous episode! Sunflowers have always been awe-inspiring for me as they seem so heavy, yet they stand so tall and they turn to face the sun, which is super cool!

    I can totally relate to having happy memories get mixed up with something disappointing. For example, I remember being elated to be a mom, only to experience my first episode of clinical depression when my daughter was just 3 months old. She’s 27 now and I cherish every moment of being her mother, even in the dark times. I developed a strong sense of empathy and I have shared with her what I went through in times when she was feeling down and depressed. I knew then that I was meant to experience it to help her and others. There is light and sometimes it can just take a long time to find it.

    On my journey, I am working on being more open to seeing the synchronicities that are happening all around. We used to call them coincidences but now I know differently and I welcome all the interesting and illuminating signs. From seeing angel numbers more and more on clocks, signs and license plates, to meeting really amazing people (including you!), to having some plan go south and then something else happens to make it work out better. I’m learning to trust that when something doesn’t work out as I planned (and I’m a huge planner, so that can get sticky and frustrating), I can just allow things to unfold differently and know that it will all be for the best in the end. Thanks for sharing your insights and your story. I look forward to the next installment 🙂


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