Release Relationship Patterns And Blocks With Soul Realignment

Feeling stuck on your life path or not finding the relationship you want? Release relationship patterns and blocks with Marilyn Penny and the Soul Realignment process.

What Is Soul Realignment?

Soul Realignment

There are so many ways to use the Akashic Records, and the Soul Realignment process, which is what Marilyn Penny works with, helps identify blocks and relationship patterns quickly. These situations may stem from this life or a past life.

However, Marilyn’s work is not like a past life reading which is what I offer. She won’t tell you what country you lived in or what year it was. Instead, her focus is on releasing anything that has taken you off the original path of your Divine Blueprint. This is very practical work which is a reflection of both Marilyn’s approach to life, as well as the method’s founder Andrrea Hess.

Marilyn’s spiritual journey began in her 50s. After her divorce, she became a life coach but she wanted something more which is why she studied Soul Realignment. In this energy work, she can channel your past and current life stories that cause restrictions.

The information has been so accurate, pivotal, and useful, it continues to blow her away! The stories she picks up on come directly from her client’s soul records, which is why she’s so on target.

Past Life Patterns

relationship patternsIn addition, Marilyn has found that many times you are repeating relationship patterns from a past life in this life, still trying to learn the lesson. This is where she helps you to complete the process so you can make new and better choices and finally move on.

This is so different than how I work in the records, because I do see the details. Sometimes clients are simply curious about who and where they have been and I call that a Past Life Travelogue. Other times, someone is stuck and they want to know how their past might be holding them back. Then I go look for the specifics to share with the client.

I asked Marilyn if she’s noticed any patterns in doing this energy healing work. She mentioned that there are often blocks during pivotal times in your life such as marriage, giving birth, loss of a partner, etc.

Relationship patterns worth noting include were you being “conditional.” This is how you give your power away to be loved, accepted, or even to survive.  You end up losing your authentic self in order to fit in or be loved. Making these choices brings about negative consequences and separates you from your divine blueprint.

In addition, many children today have strong intuitive skills, like talking to spirits in the house, ghosts or ETs, etc. She’s helped parents better understand what their kids needs are related to these experiences, their journey and growth.

Her own spiritual awakening came after her divorce and recovering from depression. She was searching for more and deeper understanding, left the church, and started doing a lot of reading.

Relationship Patterns & Blocks

Relationship PatternsPeople have negative karmic patterns and tend to repeat bad relationships, with the same issues over and over. This applies to women who have a “type” or when you meet someone you feel like you’ve known forever.

Discovering what is behind this, can free you up from these relationship patterns by learning discernment, being true to yourself, and making better decisions that support your growth and divine blueprint.

These might be the same souls cycling through life and after life (which is about making soul contracts), or they have similar qualities that you keep attracting as you work through the life lessons.

If you notice this repetition happening in your life, take a break from dating. This is especially true after divorce. Give yourself the time to figure out who you are again. Investigate core issues, learn to be more discerning, and get some healing to help you wrap up that last lesson and start fresh.

That’s how you get to know yourself better to understand what actually works for you vs. what you’re attracted to from old patterns. You want to break the cycle of attracting the wrong person over and over, so you can finally find a good match.

Love & Life Lessons

Soul RealignmentLike many practitioners, Marilyn has found she attracts clients who have similar life lessons and blocks to work through and she feels this makes her more relatable. She has a good understanding about many relationship patterns, even like waiting too long until the relationship is completely broken before they try to fix things.

For example, if you are struggling already at the six month mark and want to go to couples counseling, that’s a sign you’re in the wrong relationship and that is not the right partner for you.

You can’t always make things work – you have to start with some level of alignment. Suffering and misery are not signs of a strong love – they are signs that something is NOT working.

A relationship that’s good for you is one in which it brings out a better version of yourself. You find yourself wanting to grow and level up.

A Transformative Process

Working with Marilyn, you choose the area of your life you want to change and set an intention. But that’s just the start of the transformative process. The work continues after your session as well.

She talks with a lot of empty nesters who need to restart their life and explore new areas, as their kids have gone off to college. Marilyn says she’s a big believer in living every frigging minute! I thought that was a fun quote. 🙂

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BIO – Marilyn Penny

Soul RealignmentMarilyn’s own transformation has led her to serve others on their journey to living a more authentic life. As a spiritual life coach and guide, Marilyn works with the Akashic Records to bring clarity and understanding to the life areas where stuckness and repetition in the choice and consequence loop need attention.

Clearing blocks, breaking relationship patterns, and creating new circumstances is her superpower! She’s on a mission to help as many souls as possible return to their own unique divine nature.

In my opinion, Marilyn is simply a delight to speak with and wonderful to work with as well.

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