I Don’t Call Myself A Psychic, But I’m A Brilliant Intuitive

I don’t call myself a psychic, predicting what will happen to you. I do intuitive readings, so you can understand the situation and take inspired action.

Psychic Predictions

intuitive coachTo me, being a psychic is more about predicting the future – you’ll marry twice, have three kids and move to California. That type of thing. Psychics in my mind are more about telling you what they see is going to happen to you.

While hearing about your future can be fun, from my perspective it’s a more passive way to look at your life. A psychic reading talks about your future, as if your destiny is totally predetermined. But you have free will, so how does that work?

On the other hand, my work is more about problem solving in the present moment. When faced with a challenge, clients come to me for help and insights.

To do this in an intuitive reading, I pose questions like these to gain a deeper understanding of the problem:

  • What is the problem?
  • What can you do about it?
  • Is anyone else involved?
  • Can you fix the problem?
  • What’s the best way to handle this for your highest good?
  • How does this challenge serve you?
  • Does the issue stem from a past life?
  • What can you learn from the situation?

Working with intuition and connecting with spirit in this way is more active. In other words, the focus is on what you are learning and can do to change what is happening.

This takes you out of being a victim and puts the power in your hands to create what you want. You can move from victim to victor as you learn, grow, and take charge.

Intuitive Readings Are Empowering

Breathe Love & Magic podcastI believe the purpose of sharing my intuition is to empower you. Through tuning into you, the energy, and spirit, I see images, get messages, hear your guides, feel the energy, and sense what you need to know to shift things.

My intuition leads to seeing the situation clearly, helps you understand your next steps, and gives you the power to take action.

This is why I ask so many questions during my intuitive reading – to gain the clarity needed to know what to do. When you go to a psychic, they might tell you what will happen, but can they tell you how to get there?

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So much depends on how you view yourself, the world, and your life. Is life just happening to you as you stand there watching it go by? Or are you an active participant, making decisions and taking steps towards your desired goals?

Let me share a few client examples to show you how this works.

Lilah – Starting a Business

Breathe Love & Magic podcastLilah is a massage therapist who was just certified in a new type of emotional healing therapy. She’d been working at a spa for ages, but wasn’t happy there. Working for someone else didn’t give her the freedom to grow her business or choose her hours or pricing. Lilah wanted more freedom.

She spent loads of time thinking about this and came up with a few possibilities to leave her job and make the change. Then a friend suggested Lilah call me to get some insights into her plans.

When you work alone to solve a problem, you can often figure out a solution for yourself. Yet, bouncing your ideas off someone objective and intuitive can help you discover choices you might not have considered. This is true for me as well!

Lilah’s first option was to go look at retail space, but the monthly rents were a bit high. She thought about finding someone to share the cost and that led to thinking about opening a center with multiple service providers.

She thought if she was going to spend this kind of big money, she should add a room on to her house instead. Option two was even pricier!

The Power of Experience

Now, part of my strength in talking about business with clients is my background. I have an MBA in marketing and worked for years in advertising, brand marketing and promotion on the client side and as a consultant for over 20 years.

Combine this with my coaching background and down-to-earth, practical nature. Now you can better understand how in my intuitive readings, I offer super helpful business insights and advice that hits the mark time after time.

Find out how my intuition worked for me.

Her First Intuitive Reading

The first thing that happened while listening to Lilah tell me her story was that I felt constriction within my body. The idea of paying a high rent was scary, but adding on to her home with a ticket of $100,000 was frightening. I could feel her energy being crushed under the weight of that financial burden.

This is exactly what I shared with her. Yet, Lilah was very attached to her own ideas, which is to be expected. I suggested she go ahead and get a few building bids and look at rental property.

Gathering information can sometimes help you make a wiser decision. More importantly, my advice was to seek out sublet options to rent space for just a few days a week.

Lilah did her homework and a few weeks later called for another session. She went over what she had learned and tossed expanding her home out of the equation, thankfully!

Taking Action & Gaining Clarity

Breathe Love &Magic podcastIn this second intuitive reading, what became clear is that Lilah wanted to be associated with a group of therapists thinking they’d be a great referral source for her new healing therapy. We talked about looking for therapist groups to connect with and she started talking with people.

For the third call, Lilah burst out telling me how an old connection was leaving her rental space which was in a community of therapists! And instead of being $1500 a month, it was so much more affordable at only $500.

Honestly, I was so excited for Lilah because obviously she had manifested exactly what she wanted. In addition, she avoided the possibility of a huge financial burden of either renting her own space, or building onto her home.

We went on to talk about negotiating with the new group to meet her needs as well as how and when to leave her job. What an amazing outcome!

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How to Expand Grace’s Coaching Practice

Intuitive ReadingHere’s another example. Grace worked for a high end consulting firm and while she loved the work it had become a grind. After getting certified as a coach and working with a business coach to build her own practice, she went out on her own.

Things went so well that she quit her high paying job to do coaching full time. Now Grace was ready to level up and expand her practice, but she had been struggling with which direction to go in.

She could train coaches in her method to expand private coaching or grow her group coaching program. Grace felt torn about this and had been going back and forth, finding advantages for both choices.

During Grace’s intuitive reading, I tuned into the energy of both options. Group coaching was the clear winner with far more energy. However, Grace was resistant to this idea even though it was one of her own solutions.

I got her to open up more about what was holding her back and it turned out she was pushing herself to start when she really wanted to travel first. By talking about a different start date, everything fell into place. She was thrilled with this direction and grateful for my insights.

Tammy’s Billing Question

Breathe Love & Magic podcastTammy came to me about her pricing. She’s a writer in a tight situation where she had quoted a flat fee for a large project. Then the client made changes and shifted direction after much of the work was finished.

She didn’t feel she could charge more on the current project but wanted to figure out how to keep this from happening again. During her intuitive reading, I tuned into her client and the energy of the situation. Thankfully, I reassured her that she could ask for additional money given how the project had changed.

I felt her client would be open to this request and as it turned out, she did bring it up and he compensated her for all the changes. We also discussed language to include in her estimates to ensure she’d be covered for this sort of thing in the future.

Susan’s Client Blindsided Her

brilliant intuitive readerSusan had an intense business crisis with her largest client. They blindsided her with some big changes. She called me for an intuitive reading feeling somewhat panic stricken. Relaying all the mucky details at a frantic pace, and Susan admitted she was unclear about what to do.

I listened, asked questions, and did what Susan says is, “one of the things Ronnie does best.” I got to the heart of the problem super quickly, telling her what was the core issue and what she needed to address first. Then we mapped out a strategy and step-by-step plan.

I helped Susan get out in front of the situation, to be proactive and make choices from a place of strength. These insights, combined with the plan, helped Susan to feel calmer and more in control.

Thankfully, the issue got resolved without Susan losing face. She pointed out that the clarity I helped her find made all the difference in how she handled things and how much she appreciated my wisdom. For me, that was really nice to hear.

There are two more client examples about dating that you don’t want to miss as well, so listen to the podcast and enjoy!

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