Psychic Development With Lisa Rusczyk Of We’re All Psychic

Psychic development is for everyone! In this week’s episode, I’m speaking with Lisa Rusczyk from the We’re All Psychic podcast about her journey and how she learned to tune in.

How Did She Develop Psychic Abilities?

We're All PsychicIt all started with her mom purchasing the Time-Life book series called The Mysteries when she was 15. In the book about psychic powers was a section on palmistry which totally captivated her. Lisa was really into this.

Then in her 20s, spirits started to speak to her and she worried she was a little bit crazy. This was hard to explain away. However, she was getting validation about the spirits she was seeing and speaking to from people, so she kept going.

Lisa also has spirit guides she works with and they started showing up around age 23. She’s been working with Sam since then.

For Lisa, her mediumship skills began when her cat Morgana died and started coming around in spirit. Lisa says her cat taught her how to read tarot cards and has a way of telling things to her clients that’s very well received.

She can also read your pets, although she admits she’s not good at finding those that have gotten lost.

We’re All Psychic

Lisa RuszykLisa decided to start her own podcast We’re All Psychic to meet other people who are interested in the same stuff. I recently appeared on her show which was a lot of fun. You can listen here.

First, she recorded about six episodes which aired but then she let it go for a while. Then she met her co-host Misty Lohr. Misty had taken her tarot class and then said she had a message for her, “Pursue the podcast.”

At the time, Lisa was working for the platform Everclear, so she decided to simply ask them if they would sponsor her podcast and they said yes! She also asked if she could interview other psychics which they agreed to.

Lisa was so excited! This access gave her the ability to speak with some very talented psychics and healers which has been a lot of fun.

Psychic Development and Mediumship

One guest that stands out is Bee Woo. She’s a screen writer who writes comedy, she lives in New York as well as evidential mediumship and psychic work. Bee invited Lisa and Misty to her psychic and mediumship circles, so they could observe conducted on zoom.

There might be six in the group and people wait to get visuals and say what they see out loud. Then if it makes sense to you, you claim it. This method of psychic development was new to her, so she was really glad to have this experience.

Whenever I go to mediums, my mom loves to show up. However, Lisa told me there was a tall man with salt and pepper  hair, a bushy mustache, and a plaid shirt. She said he was with my father, but I didn’t know who that was. But he could have been another relative.

Lisa did connect with my mom, spotting her short curly hair and her love for gold and diamond jewelry – spot on! My mom told her that I make more of an impact than I think I do. Well that’s nice to hear mom!

How to Develop Psychic Abilities

palmistryLisa works on a psychic hotline, does readings, and has plans to teach classes in 2023. She’s going to offer all sorts of divination workshops to get people used to using their intuition. Classes will cover oracle cards, tarot, psychic development, and mediumship.

Also, in her podcast, the most listened to episode is on palmistry, so they’ll be teaching that as well, plus using the pendulum, and last but not least, magic classes. Now you have lots of ways to learn psychic development!

If you are interested, go to her website and fill out the poll on which classes you’d like to take and she’ll notify you when they are scheduled.

Lisa and I agree that we ventured into the spiritual world to work on our lives and do personal and spiritual development. That’s one of the best reasons to start your own journey.

BIO – Lisa Rusczyk

Lisa RusczykLisa Rusczyk is a cohost of the podcast We’re All Psychic, with cohost Misty Lohr. She started the podcast to meet more people and to help teach others about the Mysteries of energy work. Her goal is to bring more happiness and love into each person’s life by offering the wisdom of ourselves and our guests.

Website and Social Media

Instagram: @psyreaderlisa and @misty.lohr



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