Celebrating 100 Episodes – Podcast Snack


In this brief Podcast Snack, I am celebrating the milestone of 100 episodes! (This is 101 LOL)

Yay! It’s been quite a journey for me.

You’ll hear about some of my favorite interviews and a topline view of the different topics I’ve covered over the last two years.

It’s been wonderful to have met so many fabulous people who are experts about spirituality and healing.

There have been shows about the Law of Attraction for love and money, dating and finding love, narcissists, divorce and divine feminine energy. I’ve spoken to shamans, healers, psychics, mediums, and card readers too.

Experts have talked about how to communicate with plants, elementals, and faeries. Others shared about spiritual travel, cardology, synchronicities and the list goes on. After all, there are 100 different episodes!

You might even want to scroll back to see what past episodes you missed that could be fun to listen to today.

Thanks a million for listening and being a part of the Breathe Love & Magic community.

May you live in the magic!



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