Medical Intuitive Christine Lang Talks About Energy Healing

Your body’s discomfort holds messages from your spirit. That’s what Medical Intuitive, Christine Lang explains in this episode. She talks about how to discover what those messages mean, how to shield your own energy from others, and how to handle overwhelm among other energy topics.

Becoming a Medical Intuitive

Christine LangI started by asking Christine how she went from attorney to medical intuitive. She explained that in her second year of law school, she developed terrible allergies which made her look like she was always crying. These increased when she graduated and got her corporate job.

She tried allergy meds, but back then there was only Benadryl which made her sleepy. Then, Christine discovered homeopathy which helped reduce her symptoms by 50%. She realized that stress was contributing to her allergies, so she learned Tai Chi and Yoga. Next, she studied Buddhism and learned to meditate.

Started on the Reiki Path

Her Tai Chi instructor suggested she learn Reiki to give energy healing treatments. As she meditated to switch gears from lawyer mode to healer, before working on a client, she started hearing a word or phrase about the person.

Bravely, she’d mentioned it to the client who received it well and that’s how she knew something new was happening!

After that, Christine decided to figure out who she was talking to and her soul said, Welcome home.” She began training 3-4 hours a day to become a medical intuitive. This is how she learned about the “Trail of Damage” which is how people internalize stress, leading to symptoms where the stress is stored in the body.

Her healing practice flourished and she left the practice of law. That was 26 years ago! Christine was thrilled that her spirit would answer all her questions with great patience, such as, “Why do we have wrinkles?” or “Why do bad things happen to good people.”

How to Raise Your Energy

Christine says many people don’t have their energy coalesced or pulled together in the center of their body as it should be. By 10 AM most people are often scattered.

The first thing is to gather and recall your energy back into the center of your chest. Then pack it like a snowball and visualize it moving up and out of your body through your head. Or it can remain in your chest or travel to the third eye. This is how you connect with your spirit.

We talked about how I do the exact opposite! I expand my energy from the center of my chest and go out my crown chakra into the Milkyway to feel a part of everything. Out there is the cosmos, I call in my spirit helpers, angels, whole and healed ancestors, and higher self to get help and answers.

Our approaches are completely different but both are valid. I do connect with spirit this way which surprised Christine, but as we all know, there is more than one way up the mountain, right?

To connect with your spirit, the very first step is to be quiet and still which is hard in the Western world. Most people on this side of the globe are reward by productivity and busyness. So, it’s hard to sit and do nothing which is what meditation seems like at first.

A Medical Intuitive Is a Translator

Christine works with her clients as a translator between the client and their soul. She’s on a mission to find the cause of the symptom – that point of origin for when the discomfot started. So, as a medical intuitive, Christine asks, “What do we need to know about this symptom?”

Now the goal is not to just treat the symptom but expand your understanding of it to resolve it. She does send energy to do some healing. But the real idea is to resolve the problem that created the symptom. Then, your body will no longer need to send that message.

Your body is like a messaging service where your spirit sends you information through your symptoms. Again, Christine is the translator, so that the message is understood by the client and the pain or problem can go away.

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The Intense Energy Right Now

In general, the energy feels crazy right now and many people feel overwhelmed. I don’t usually feel this way myself but I have felt it too. My solution is to do some grounding.

When you are running around and it feels like one foot is nailed down and you are spinnig in circles, the way to stop that is to nail down the other foot! Figuratively of course – this is GROUNDING. You cannot spin with two feet grounded. Phew!

Why is the energy so wild today? Christine says there’s a rapid expansion in process – energy is coming at you like a firehose pushing everyone to expand. This sets off alarm bells because things feel more intense which can easily move you into overwhelm.

Her solution is to go out in nature, whether that’s a walk in the woods or out in your yard. Nature adapts to these energy shifts much more quickly and easily than humans. In addition, nature will absorb the excess for you as it vibrates at the higher rate.

When the weather is good, you can weed your garden or walk on the grass. Btu another option is to simply stand outside and face the sun even if it’s cloudy. This activates your pineal gland in your third eye chakra, which allows you to access information.

The sun has codes or updates for you all the time which reset your energy, so take advantage of that with just a few minutes of sunlight. You don’t need forest bathing. Just a five to ten minutes outdoors will do the trick.

I’m such a sun girl that I wrote a poem or prayer about it.

Ode to the Sun

Rising ball of golden light, I welcome you.
I pay homage to your fiery brilliance and omnipresent power.
Thank you for shining your light, growing food and resources
and healing the earth.
Thank you for warming my skin and bringing joy to my heart.
Thank you for lightening my spirit after too many grey winter days.
I appreciate you, I honor you, I am grateful for you.
Please visit often and remind me that you are ever present,
sharing your vital life force energy whether in view or not.

When I stand and face the sun, I just feel alive again!

Shielding Your Energy

When you interact with someone, you are trading energy. This is especially true for people you care about or are close to. You could absorb any negative energy they might send you whether they know they are doing it or not.

Shielding is a way to use your intention into not absorb the energy coming at you. The easiest way is to imagine dropping a sheet of glass between you and the other person. They can still hear and see you, and you can still sparkle brightly and be present, but you are protected.

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You can also put yourself in a protective bubble. You can still be present with the person, but you don’t need to absorb any negative energy they might be sending even if they are just aggravated and not with you.

This is really helpful at a hospital, police station, or at the department of motor vehicles where there is a lot of fear and or frustration. Then you might even close up your energy field for added protection.

Imagine a zipper at your feet and you zip it closed over your head. Now you won’t absorb that low vibe energy around you in these sorts of places.

Christine has a Free Gift for my listeners! She created a special meditation so you can get learn how to get messages from your symptoms.

BIO – Christine Lang

Christine Lang is a former attorney who became a medical intuitive. She has a special gift to see people’s energy and have conversations with their spirits!

As a translator for each person’s spirit, Christine helps clients receive clarity on how their stressors resulted in life they are currently living. In her lectures, podcast interviews, and guest expert appearances, Christine shares the vast wisdom she has learned from the spirit world.

Christine, the author of The Body Whisperer, has a new book due to release in 2024. In it, she explains in detail how to communicate with your spirit.

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