Magical Tea Leaf Readings With Rissa Miller

In this week’s episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, I’m speaking with Rissa Miller, who offers Tea Leaf readings and Smoke Readings, among other interesting talents.

From Journalist to Intuitive Reader

Rissa MillerI started by asking how she came from being a journalist to tea leaf reader. Rissa has been a believer and skeptic since a child.  She had a third eye that was open like a garage door and saw spirits and entities and more.

Her parents were cool with all this. Unfortunately others told her it wasn’t smart to share these talents with others because people might think she was crazy. As a result, she locked it all down and went in the other direction of journalism and just the facts.

Tarot has been in her family for a long time and she has a tarot deck that is over 50 years old. But she didn’t want to do that since that’s what her family did – a defiance thing.

Tea Leaf Reading Symbols

Then one day while drinking tea brewed with a tea ball, the tea leaves loose, Rissa noticed what looked like a cat, created by the way the leaves were positioned.

Telling her mother what she saw, her mom explained this was a very old method of divination and she might want to write down what she saw. This began her tea leaf reading skill.

Rissa found nothing at the library about this and there was no internet at the time, so she composed a large book of symbols and meanings through her own trial and error.

In the last few years, as she has “come out” about her other worldly skills, Rissa has come to realize that she can be both a skeptic and a believer. Today she feels people now see who she really is and accept her this way.

We talked about how according to many, the frequency of the earth’s grid has shifted upward which is why so many people are awakening. Seeing spirits, becoming mediums, channeling, becoming healers, doing readings have all become prevalent now.

This demonstrates that the energy has changed and since we live on the planet, we have also up leveled.

How Does a Tea Leaf Reading Work?

I asked Rissa if she has a small round table her clients sit at with a pretty flowered table cloth, where they drink tea before their reading. Nope, while a lovely image, that’s not how she does it.

Most of her readings today are done virtually with clients. People drink their tea and then send photos to her! Next, she puts them into photoshop (software) and blows them up big to get a better view of the patterns and symbols.

With such a deep dive into those tea leaves, you can imagine how much more can be seen in the patterns the leaves create.

What Is a Smoke Reading?

smoke readingRissa also does smoke readings and I asked how that works. Using candles that don’t have smokeless wicks, she holds a piece of paper over a flame and lets the soot collect.

It becomes like a drawing on the paper. This is one of the oldest forms of divination and was practiced by oracles at Delphi in ancient Greece. This is called Capnomancy or Libanomancy and falls into the Pyromancy category (seeing symbols in fire).

Her readings are created as a guide for the client’s empowerment. The most common questions that she gets in her readings fall into two categories:

  1. Love and romance
  2. Career and money

The things that often come up are what people need to hear in the moment. A lot also comes up about the past and things that need to be cleared or healed. The past needs to be addressed because it can become a blockage to what you want.

Symbols Can Be Personal

tea and smoke readingsIn addition, many symbols are completely personal to the client. She mentioned one reading where she saw what looked like a house on a corner lot near a park with kids.

She had no idea what that meant but her client revealed that was exactly what was going on in her life. Turns out the client owned a corner lot near a children’s park and wanted to build a house on it!

Rissa also once saw a sasquatch (big foot) playing a guitar. What the heck? This is too funny! This made her doubt herself. However, her client told her that her boyfriend liked to dress up as sasquatch and he also plays guitar! Can you believe it?

The symbols are always right for the client whether they are part of her own library or specific in the moment to that one individual.

Takeaway from a Reading

tea leaf reading symbolsOne of the best takeaways from a tea leaf reading is that it doesn’t necessarily tell you your future path. Instead, it gives you information to make decisions that can take you forward or leave you where you are.

It captures a direct reflection of your life in the moment. Rissa helps many who feel stuck to break free and move forward. In her own personal journey, she has found that fear has kept her stuck many times. Getting past it is the answer.

Isn’t that the truth!

There’s so much more in this episode, like the history of witches in Maryland and Pennsylvania, at the same time as the Salem, MA witch trials. She explained what cryptids are too and talked about William Shatner and his real life trip into space.

At the end, Rissa shared what she considers to be the true magic in her life so be sure to listen right till the end.

BIO: Rissa Miller

Rissa comes to divination from an expertise as varied and diverse as tea leaves on a cup. Her knowledge of esoteric history and art history, as well as a long background in journalism, gives her a unique non-mystical perspective.

She sees how her craft has a place in humanity’s culture and understands that life must be grounded in everyday practicality. Ultimately, she wants to help her clients embrace more fulfillment.

Rissa aims to open a dialog intent on healing stuck energies, not by telling people what to do, but helping seekers see the answers with her guidance, as they relate to their own lives.

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