Keep Moving Forward After Divorce With Heather Prince

Moving forward after divorce is not easy, but in this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast,  Heather Prince discusses her method to help women get going again.

From “We” to “Me” After Divorce

from We to MeWhen you’ve been married for 10, 20, or even 30 years, you’ve spent a long time being part of a couple. Then suddenly you are single and on your own. Heather Prince talks about this major life shift and how difficult it can be, going from “We” to “Me.”

This is a time when you need to get reacquainted with yourself. It’s like waking up to discover who you are now. There’s often a lot to learn.

One of the major things to focus on when you’re moving forward after divorce is figuring out what your new needs are. Also, how to love and accept yourself. Rebuilding your self-esteem and self-image are crucial to setting up your new life.

Want to revive your desire and passion for life and love?

Before You Start Dating Again

All of this is essential BEFORE you start dating again. When a woman freshly divorced, decides to just jump right back into the dating pool, she might struggle to attract the right kind of mate.

Begin healing by taking time to learn about who you are now and what works for you today. The healthiest way to learn this is to be single for a time and on your own for a while to regain your vigor and inner strength.

Why is dating after divorce so hard?

The Fearlessly Moving Forward Method

Fearlessly moving forward with Heather PrinceThat’s why Heather Prince’s “Fearlessly Moving Forward Method” can make such a difference in your recovery. Heather says you are like a gorgeous gold statue that is covered in mud from your past relationship.

Learning to clean off that mud, so you can reveal your golden, unique self is what it’s all about. That’s what helps when it comes to moving forward after divorce.

You are worthy and as valuable as gold. But to see that, you’ve got to clear the wounds from your relationship that ended. Focus on raising your vibe to love and joy, so you can attract a better quality mate the next time around.

After divorce, you can be a victor or a victim. Working with her, she’ll encourage you to become victorious.

Support Is Essential for Rebuilding

How do you get started with rebuilding? First, working with someone can make an enormous difference. Someone who is there for you and has been through this process. Heather Prince who created this proven method that she used herself after her own devastating divorce.

When Heather herself was moving forward after divorce, she had to find a new place to live and do that alone. Her children were grown, so she was becoming an empty nester. And she was going to be a grandmother too!

Heather had never taken her car in for repairs, paid bills or lived alone, having gotten married at 21. This was going to be her first time being completely in charge of her own life.

As a result, Prince knows a lot about rebuilding life, with firsthand knowledge of what it takes. That’s why she helps so many women through this trying time.

The Power of Color

Heather Prince, author of VIBEThe author of several books, Heather collaborated with several other experts to bring the book VIBE to life. The writers took a deep dive into color, how it impacts your home, your mood and your life.

Each color has its own vibe and creates different emotional states. Heather is a fan of color and encourages people to bring back the color and leave behind all that gray and white. Create a more cheerful or soothing vibe with colorful curtains, pillows and rugs.

You can get a copy of Heather’s book on her website and if you live in the US, it will ship from Pennsylvania.

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There’s a meditation audio about forgiving your ex, an audio with affirmations about being “Enough” and a workbook in case you are feeling lonely. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Get your copy today!

BIO – Heather Prince

Heather PrinceHeather Prince (known online as The Rootmaster) has taught meditation for over 25 years, hosted workshops and well-being retreats worldwide.

For the past decade, Heather has been working with solo women, helping them with moving forward after divorce.  This was because of her own personal experience, at the age of 50, when her  34-year-old relationship ended.  The healing journey became the inspiration for the Fearlessly Moving Forwards Method.

Heather helps clients that have gone from “We” to “Me,” to get back on track, raise their vibe with greater confidence and self-belief to magnetize in a new counterpart, a soulmate.

Author of I Am indigo, The Rainbow Within,  Kids Fruit Book,  and co-author of VIBE, a luxury coffee table book all about the effect of color in the world today.

Heather is a  qualified Spiritual Response Therapist and member of the Association of the Spiritual Response Association and gets to the core root of the issue.

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