The Magic Of Soul Intelligence With Kristine Glein

Have you heard of Soul Intelligence? In this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, Kristine Glein explains all about this incredible healing method.

How Kristine Came to this Work

healing with Kristine GleinImmediately after receiving a big performance bonus as a tech turnaround specialist, Kristine was sacked. They also let go of her boss in this surprising political takeover. She was totally shocked and shaken to the core. Now what was she going to do?

Kristine realized she wasn’t listening to her own Soul Intelligence. While the career she excelled at checked all the external boxes, she wasn’t being true to herself. Now it was time to come out of the spiritual closet, stand in her true power and zone of genius.

Starting Her New Career

Her next step may surprise you. Kristine called her physician, a functional medicine practitioner who was open to alternative methods to heal the whole person. She admitted to her doctor how she had created a method to shift stuck energy without people having to relive their trauma.

Curious, her doctor agreed to let Kristine come in to demonstrate. She ended up working with another doctor from the practice who had a cancellation. The process provided such a powerful release that Kristine’s own physician asked to be next!

This is the beginning of her amazing journey as a healer and coach, helping clients move forward in life. She has helped many people heal themselves from difficult ailments that seemed resistant to all other types of care.

When she took that leap of faith and decided to trust her intuition, everything changed. This allowed her let go of what was no longer working – having a traditional career – and begin this exciting new path.

The Ultimate Bio Hack

The Ultimate Bio HackToday, Kristine has 15 doctors referring patients to her, showing how aligned she is with her mission and purpose. She calls this Soul Intelligence method the “Ultimate Bio Hack.”

When people are going through chronic illness, typically, there is a stuck or stuffed emotion that causes a dissonance in their frequency impacting their health and making them seek help.

What Kristine does is facilitate getting to the root cause of what created the dissonance. Then it can be shifted up and out, allowing people heal more quickly.

Think about it this way. The word “emotion” really means “energy in motion.” If you don’t release it, you may start to have issues.

Soul Intelligence Gets to the Bottom

Soul Intelligence is the why or the reason behind the what of what is happening to you physically. This is how it works so quickly and gets to the bottom of what is going on.

The method also helps people tap into their divine purpose. Lots of men and women walk around feeling disconnected from their true purpose. This is how Kristine helps people shift physical illness, by helping them connect internally to themselves and what they are here to do.

Knowing Your Purpose

Kristine GleinHave you ever stuffed your emotions or found yourself last on the priority list? Does everyone else in your life comes first? That’s one of the first signs!

People often suffer when they don’t understand their purpose and this alone can cause a lot of discomfort. That’s why this kind of clarity that Kristine taps into can change everything.

Helping a person to get back on track and have a personal turnaround. Coming full circle, Kristine has shifted her work from corporate and tech turnaround to these profound personal turnarounds.

Spiritual Response Therapy

Years ago, Kristine learned a method called Spiritual Response Therapy which involved using a number of charts and a pendulum. But after a while, this  method fell flat for her. Then she was guided to create her own charts and her work really took off from there.

The charts are about challenges in life, with roles you take on, repetitive patterns, archetypes, and blocks to spiritual matters. There are charts for each chakra, as well as the organs.

Also career charts, nutrition, health and wellness, self limiting beliefs and more covering a very wide spectrum.

Secret Sauce

Kristine Glein's secret sauceKristine’s Secret Sauce is what she calls her Sacred Soul Script and it is pure magic. She not only met but exceeded her goals in her first year of this new business using this very script.

The Sacred Soul Script helps you script out your life about your life, how you want to feel and what you want to create. And you can get your own copy FREE here!

BIO – Kristine Glein

Kristine Glein is a conscious leadership coach, former corporate turnaround specialist, and leader of the Soul Intelligence Movement. Kristine teaches all about the power of living, loving, and leading from your Soul Intelligence, and is dedicated to helping people align with their mission, vision, value, and purpose through the power of Soul Intelligence.

The Soul Intelligence method is the ultimate bio-hack. 

SQM is a powerful addition to any healing modality — like coaching, Reiki, meditation, theta, bodywork, sound, acupuncture, EFT, chiropractic, yoga, health, fitness, and more — by clearing away energy blockages to allow room for instant, deep, and lasting transformation.

Specifically, it helps you clear away old beliefs that are no longer serving you, old patterns/archetypes that aren’t supporting you, and feelings that have been suppressed—so you can more easily go within and heal your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies.

Get Kristine’s Free Gift – her Sacred Soul Script here

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