Halloween Podcast – I See Dead People, Salem Witches & More

In this special Halloween podcast with my guest Marla Martenson, you’ll hear how I see dead people, about her witchy visit to Salem, MA, stories of dream paralysis and visitation, and so much more! A super fun and spooky episode to celebrate the thinning of the veil.

Marla’s Salem, MA Adventures

Happy HalloweenMarla went to Salem on a sacred retreat with her Shaman, Rizz, a full body trans-channel who allows Red Eagle, a Native American spirit to speak through him. With his wife, they lead sacred trips all over the world including Japan and Ireland. But this time they went to Salem.

Rizz walked through the 10 bedroom Italian style villa in Manchester by the Sea that they rented for the group to feel the energy of the place. He chose the most haunted room for Marla!

But she talked with the spirits before going to sleep, asking them to be kind and allow her the rest she needed. Thankfully they respected her wishes!

Current Salem Witches

She took a tour with the Mushroom Witch, pointing out local plants. Then another tour with Venus, a Witch dedicated to Love and the Goddess Venus. She always wears pink and red told a tale about sailors who would dock and go to the pubs to hear local stories and learned about the witches. That’s how Salem was dubbed the Witch City.

Marla visited where the witches were hung in Salem and the group said a few prayers over the land. At this point the Massachusetts government has exonerated all the witches from the 1600s that were killed.

There’s also a story how one of the two young girls who started this whole witch hunt by accusing women, went to the court after to admit they made it up! Now there’s some tough karma to work through.

Why Is Salem Witch Rich?

Halloween podcastThe reason Salem has so many witches is that they filmed an episode of the TV show Bewitched there. There’s a huge, life-size bronze statue on the green of Samantha Stevens the show’s main character. When I was in Salem with my husband a few years ago, I got my picture taken with it!

Then in the 1970s, Laurie Cabot, one of the most famous US witches, had called the fire department to have them help her get her cat out of a tree. They wouldn’t come.

But Laurie needed help, so she called again saying she was a witch and her familiar was stuck in a tree. That made the fire department curious and come running.

The news reporting of this story gave witches everywhere the inspiration to let people know who they are. And over time, many gravitated to Salem, MA. What a great story!

Marla’s Paranormal Story

Marla did do some ghost hunting while there, on a tour with the group. They were in the basement of where the original courthouse building had been with ghost hunting equipment that picks up voices.

The groups split up and she held the voice box, but little was heard. When it was time to go, Marla spoke to spirit saying, “I wish you  would have come through but we have to go, so good night.” Then from the voice box, they heard a male spirit respond saying, “Good night.” They all jumped and laughed.

House Hunting & Ghost Hunting

When I was looking for a house years ago, a realtor took me to see this adorable two bedroom home. The minute I climbed the stairs to the bedroom I turned right around and went back down. Someone had died in that house and was still hanging around! I just wanted out.

Marla pointed out that billions of people have died anywhere you go and there’s nothing to fear. People die and move on. She spoke a bit about the recent passing of her mother and how there’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s just the soul leaving the body and returning home.

While that’s true, ghosts are souls that have gotten stuck on earth and didn’t move on. Even still, Marla asked, “What’s the likelihood of one of those ghosts actually hurting you?” Pretty much slim to none really, so that’s something positive to keep in mind.

Clearing Ghosts from Properties

I had a podcast guest in the past who specialized in clearing houses, buildings and land of ghosts who were hanging around. In that episode, Tina Erwin shared a prayer you can say three times to chase away lost spirits and help them move on.

Learn more about Tina sending ghosts to the light here. 

Tina mentioned that someone had walked through the battlefield at Gettysburg, PA, a famous site from the civil war, saying this prayer and hearing spirits say, “Thank you!”

Family Ghost Stories

Next we moved on to talk about some of my own family ghost stories. At my aunt’s gravesite funeral, while we were all standing around saying prayers and watching her be put into the ground, she appeared to me sitting on the neighboring headstone.

We didn’t speak but I knew it was her. However, she looked so much younger and I didn’t know her at that time in her life – I hadn’t been born yet.

After we went to my cousin’s home for a meal, and there on the table was a photo of her mom, looking exactly as I had seen her! I had never seen the picture and was completely taken by surprise about how she looked. That’s who I saw at the cemetery, so that was beautiful confirmation for me.

Driving in My Car

After my uncle died, as I was driving home from a gathering, all of a sudden I felt more than one presence in the car with me. I was alone so this was a bit of a shocker. I could tell it was my uncle who had just passed, and his mother and father which were my grandparents.

My grandfather had died just before I was born, so I never knew him, but had seen photos. None of them said a word, they just saw quietly while I drove. This was so long ago that if it happened now, perhaps I would get a message or have a conversation. Who knows?

Visitations from Mom & Dad

Halloween podcastI did see my dad at a distance at his funeral. But my mom took center stage! Here’s what happened. I was the last one to say my part of the eulogy, and then the service concluded.

For some reason I turned to look behind me as people were mulling about and leaving the room. Behind me was a stage and sitting at the edge with her legs dangling was my mother!

I was shocked to see her there and said, “Mom, you’re sitting on the stage?” Like questioning what she was doing. She replied, “Why not it’s my funeral!” Good point mom. Certainly couldn’t argue with that logic.

I’m sure if I’d been in a better state of mind, I could of thought of something better to say. But unfortunately, we didn’t talk any further.

She does visit in my dreams from time to time, on occasion with my dad too. They’ve given me hugs, often when I needed them most in real life. Sweet, right?

Marla & Dream Paralysis

Then Marla talked about dream paralysis. She asked if I’d had any experience with this and I answered yes. it’s a bit scary for me. Anyway, Marla told two amazing stories on this subject.

The first was about being held down to the bed at her wrists and how she called about Archangel Michael and Jesus to help her. The other was about a visit from her East Indian husband who held her hand and spooned her – you’ve got to listen to the podcast to get those details


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BIO – Marla Martenson

Marla MartensonMarla Martenson, AKA, the Mystical Matchmaker has worked for over two decades as Cupid out of LA. She’s also the author of several books, and her latest book The Magic Seeker is one of my favorites.

In addition, Marla is a fabulous life coach offering programs to empower, heal and even find love. She’s an energy healer, tarot card reader, and is currently honing her mediumship skills as well.

She also has her own podcast – The Mystical Matchmaker and YouTube channel with amazing shows to learn more mystical stuff and enjoy fun, esoteric conversations.

Website:  https://www.marlamartenson.com/

TikTok:  https://www.tiktok.com/@marlamartenson

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/themysticalmatchmaker

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