Are You A Spiritual Class Junkie? How Many Do You Need?

Are you curious about how many spiritual classes, trainings, and certifications you need to take? Here’s what you need to know…

The Spiritual Advice I Question

learn in groups and enjoy the processI was just listening to a podcast where the host was doing a live reading for a client. We’ll call the client Sue and the host Reilly.

Sue’s question for the reading was what to do about the spiritual gifts that were coming to her since she’s did Reiki 1 training.

Reilly asked a few questions to clarify which is all good. Then she told Sue that she’d been a healer in many lifetimes and she didn’t really need to take a lot of classes. The host/reader explained she hadn’t taken many classes herself. She just knew stuff.

Okay that’s cool and I get that. It’s like when people ask me if I’m certified to read the Akashic Records and I respond that I was doing this a decade before Linda Howe’s first book was even published. There were no certifications back then.

Reilly went on to say that taking a bunch of classes can actually mess you up because it can get in the way of you remembering and learning your own stuff. Hmm, really? I’m not so sure about that.

Here’s what I can tell you from what I learned years ago. Taking spiritual classes, trainings, and certifications is an awesome thing to do for LOTS of reasons. Here are 15 that I came up with.

The Breathe Love & Magic podcast15 Wonderful Reasons to Take Spiritual Classes

  1. Meet like-minded people and share the experience.
  2. Make new friends – I made two good friends in classes 30 years ago!
  3. Discover other things from new people you wouldn’t find out about on your own.
  4. Learn a method that lots of people have learned – so you know it works. You’ll know the language and techniques everyone uses.
  5. Meet people to practice with so your learning becomes exponential!
  6. Taking classes actually can wake up your memories of doing similar things in past lives. It’s like an activation of sorts. I took an Akashic Records course during COVID and discovered I’ve been working in the records for three decades!

    I took a beginner course with a big name teacher. But it wasn’t until I worked with two friends and made up my own prayer to open the records that I had a major initiation. It was complete with sparks of light circling my head and long lasting full body chills that went on for several minutes. Whoa!

  7. The structured environment of a class helps you know the steps to follow in the proper order, building on upon the next.
  8. Learning in a group setting enhances the experience because other people ask questions you might not think of or share cool stuff too.
  9. Groups amplify the energy, learning, community, and fun.
  10. Learn in an organized manner – reference material so you don’t have to remember it all or rely on your budding intuition which you may not even be totally sure of yet.
  11. Learn what you don’t like – discernment is important. I took a Celtic Shaman program that I didn’t like, but the instructor’s materials were life changing!
  12. Combine what you learn with what you already know and integrate.
  13. Get new ideas about how to use the stuff you learn from the other people.
  14. Meet practitioners you can collaborate with, cross-promote, offer workshops together, and more.
  15. Make what you learn your own thing, but first learn how to do it the original way – that’s a biggie. You can always change and improve things, but it really helps to know how things work before you start changing them. Often there’s a method in a particular order for a reason.

I’m sure there are plenty more reasons why taking classes is a great idea at the start of your journey.

Still Taking Spiritual Classes!

Breathe Love & Magic podcast I’m still taking classes! Last year I learned Soul Intelligence which is Bioenergetic Clearing that I love and adore. It just works in such amazing ways for my clients. Mediumship was another class I took this year.

I don’t know everything, so I’m still willing to learn.

Taking classes happened in waves. First, I took a bunch of psychic development classes because that was what I most wanted to learn. Next, I took that year-long past life class that was awesome and opened me up intuitively. Then I started taking other energy healing classes.

How many spiritual classes do you need to take or how many certifications do you need to get? That’s a verydifferent question.

What’s Your Motivation?

If you’re taking classes because you feel a bunch of certifications will help you feel “good enough” about yourself, that’s another story. In that case, I would love for you to take a class on building your self-esteem instead.

When you feel good about yourself, everything changes and no amount of spiritual classes, trainings about healing or mediumship will help with that. You can be highly proficient and still feel you aren’t good enough. That is a mindset or belief that needs to be addressed.

If this sounds like you, please find a way to build yourself up, so you do feel good enough. In fact, good enough isn’t the goal. My hope for you is that you feel fabulous.

Find Reasons to Feel Fabulous!

Can you imagine what life would be like if you felt fabulous about yourself every day? First of all, you’d be a magnet for good things coming into your life. Your vibration would be higher, which is why you’d be so magnetic, attracting what you want more easily.

This is what I’m working on. While I know I’m good enough, I’ve put a lot of years into getting there.  Still, I want a bit more than that. I want to feel fabulous as often as possible. Just thinking about that makes me feel fabulous!

If you’re taking class after class and certification after certification, hoping to feel good enough, my wish for you is to instead focus on yourself, your confidence, and self-esteem. Build yourself up because doing this helps all the other pieces fall into place.

Now in case this doesn’t work for you, no problem. Please find something that does work for you. That’s all I want is for you – to be happy, feel good about yourself, and even feel fabulous.

Education is Expansive

Education is a wonderful thing. It expands your mind and gives you more ways to work with people and serve. Plus, you can make new friends! Can’t go wrong with any of that.

The only think to watch out for is when you take classes because you’re under the impression that you are not good enough without them. Somehow you don’t feel worthy or you think if you just took one more program, that would give you the thing you need to feel good about yourself.

Otherwise, I’d say take what you want! Some classes will be outstanding, others won’t be as good. Regardless, there are people to meet, experiences to have, growth to discover, and fun to enjoy. Go for it!

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