How Hypnotherapy Can Enhance Your Spiritual Growth

If you’re tired of being Negative Nelly and long to turn your life around to be more productive and happier, discover the power of hypnosis! Worrying and feeling like nothing is going your way can easily get you down, but with hypnotherapy and positive self talk you shift your mindset and outlook!

In this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, I have a fascinating conversation with Matan Cohen-Citron. We talked about how hypnosis can help you on your spiritual path.

Every day you get hypnotized when you watch TV or do other daily activities. many things bring you into a light trance state which lowers your normal critical thinking and powers of discernment for decision making.

What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the art of using the trance state to remove limiting beliefs that are not serving you, trauma, and behavior that is no longer wanted. Then you follow up by stimulating the unconscious mind with beliefs that support the behavior you DO want.

The News Is Hypnotic

Hypnosis and positive self talk for spiritual growthYou do not need to close your eyes or be in some deep trance state to be hypnotized! In particular, the news can be very hypnotic and this is a good reason to think carefully about what you watch and the messages being conveyed. How do those messages impact your psyche and subconscious mind?

The news is crafted to be sensationa,l so you pay attention and feel like you might miss something important. This keeps you watching or listening, enabling advertisers to reach you.

Today, it’s all about the advertisers, where as in the days of Walter Cronkite, the news was not a profit center, but seen as a public service. There was no advertising pressure back then on news programs. The focus was on journalism and sharing information.

Created to Be Edgy

Thinking about the usual messaging from any news program today, most stories are edgy and sensationalized. Do they make you feel…

  • Anxious about bad things happening on the planet?
  • Worried about the future of our planet?
  • Fearful that no good will come your way, given the situation?
  • Angry about injustice and the unfairness of the world?
  • Unmotivated and feel ready to just give up?

Even if you just have the TV on with low volume in the background that too can influence your mind. Yikes! Your subconscious mind is like a sponge.

The same is true for the radio or whatever you listen to. That’s why these things can worsen your outlook if you sometimes feel like a Negative Nelly.

Positive Self Talk Shifts Your Perception

What can you do instead that will be move you into a more positive zone? Learn how to talk to yourself! When you change up your normal internal chatter into something encouraging and positive, you’d be amazed at the changes that can happen.

In fact, with a little time, you just might let go of being Negative Nelly and shift to Positive Patty! Imagine what your life would be like if you could shift your outlook to feel more optimistic?

You can use hypnosis and positive self talk to attract and create the life you want. Simply focusing on what you want as if it’s true, like you would use affirmations, shifts you into a receptive place for that to happen.

Positive self talk, even for just three minutes a day can create a huge shift in your life. When you encourage yourself and spend time thinking that everything is working out for you, this can become a self-fulfilling prophecy!

Thoughts for Manifesting Money

shift from negative Nelly to positive PattyFor example, if you want to manifest money, rather than worrying about it or complaining that you don’t have any, try saying things like:

  • Every day I learn more about manifesting money
  • I am good at manifesting things
  • I manifest money with ease
  • I am going with the flow to manifest everything I need
  • Money finds me

Matan also encourages people to remind themselves of the positive things you accomplish each day before going to sleep. He says this sets your mind up to be more receptive during sleep. You might get messages from spirit or your own subconsious mind, relaying important guidance for your life.

We covered a lot of interesting territory in this fun conversation and talked about how hypnosis is a powerful tool for your spiritual growth and development and to be more of your authentic self.

To get the full picture of how to leave Negative Nelly behind and feel more positive and empowered, listen to the podcast and enjoy!

BIO – Matan Cohen-Citron

shift to a more positive outlookMatan is a body-mind practitioner and hypnotherapist.  He helps people reduce stress, improve mindset, get moving and work towards longevity. He offers workshops to groups and businesses in the field of stress management, resiliency, productivity, and leadership.

Matan also works one-on-one with clients regarding movement, longevity, and hypnotherapy, helping people overcome stress, anxiety, trauma and limiting beliefs.

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