World Peace 7-Minute Guided Meditation – Podcast Snack

As I mentioned before, I volunteered to help TenMillionforWorld with the 21-Day World Peace meditation Challenge which started on September 1st and finishes on World Peace Day, September 21st.

21-Day World Peace Meditation ChallengeOn day three, I lead this guided meditation and I wanted to share it with you. You can still join us any time for this free program by registering at

Whether you attend one event, which is run live on Facebook at 1:11pm ET daily, several events or all of them, please lend your energy to this worthy cause. We’d love to see you there with us live.

Please Note: This is not meant to listen to while driving or operating machinery. Please listen in a safe, quiet place to get the most out of the meditation. Thank you and Enjoy!

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