Venus Shares The Inside Scoop On Love Spells & Modern Love

Ever wish you had a great love spell without any bad karma that could help you attract the romantic partner you’ve been dreaming of? In this podcast episode, you’ll hear about the best love spell ever, plus a lot more on modern love and Tarot.

First of all, she wasn’t born with the name Venus. She created the pen name to separate her personal and professional life. Good choice!

Worshipping Aphrodite

the best love spell How did she decide to focus on Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess and equivalent to the Roman Venus? This began when she was a teenager and the Goddess of Love had great appeal. She was very relatable, since she had flaws like jealousy which made her seem more human.

Venus’s mother had been a Wiccan follower and brought her up with that as her spiritual foundation. Even though her mom started out Irish Catholic, she came to this mystical path after graduating from high school.

Becoming a Professional Tarot Reader

Then I asked how she started doing Tarot readings as her work. In college, Venus studied theatre, performing arts and speech therapy. Somehow she became an administrative assistant at a laboratory. But all along, on the side she was doing readings for people. Then suddenly, she was let go from her job.

Venus didn’t know where to turn, so her first thought was to reach out to a friend who read Tarot in a shop in Salem, MA. She asked if they needed any readers. Lo and behold, they did!

Trekking up to Salem to the shop called Enchanted, she was greeted by a giant statue of Aphrodite as she walked in. That bit of synchronicity let her know immediately she was in the right place! What a clear and poignant sign.

Years later, Venus still works at the sister shop today called Stardust. She said it was fate-entwined and I couldn’t agree more! How lucky that she didn’t have to flounder or wonder at all – her next career simply fell into place.

Magic Is Like Prayer

I asked what her magic is like and how she helps her clients. Venus thinks that many people still view magic and Wicca like something out of Hollywood. But the fundamental truth is magic is like prayer with actifiers.

What’s an actifier? Crystals, incense, and words (or even rosary beads). It is just words like prayers. When Venus talks about spell work, she says the words you use have to have equal importance to the intention you put into the spell.

Here’s an analogy to help you understand. Let’s say you have a souped up car, but if you don’t know how to drive, the car is useless. Or visa versa, if you’re a great driver but your vehicle is falling apart, you’re not going to get any where.

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The Love Spell

love spellWhen it comes to love spells, the Love Doll Spell is the one Venus shares with clients. You have two dolls that are kept separate within your home at first. Every day for a week, you move the dolls closer to each other.

On the last day you put them together into an envelope, wrap them together and seal the envelope. This works to bring the romantic partner you seek toward you.

The spell also works like a daily reminder that someone is coming to you. It puts you in the driver’s seat because you are the one bringing the doll closer to you. This gives the person who wants the romance a feeling of power.

Important note: Venus only does this kind of spell work to attract the right person, not a specific person. She insists there must be autonomy or consent or she won’t be a party to it. Without this, it wouldn’t be a love spell – it would be a manipulation of some form.

I love this idea! It’s so magical and has a strong physicality that offers powerful energy. A very creative and clever method to call in your match. It’s like the Law of Attraction, pulling in what you want to you by becoming an energetic match to it.

Many Types of Love

the best love spellNext, I wanted to know how she came to give such good relationship advice. Venus admitted it wasn’t through her family and we laughed. Growing up, she had more misses than hits, but she did learn as she went along.

Venus ended up in a good relationship with her husband by thinking about what kind of love she wanted. She preferred to sidestep the idea of “I’ll know it when I feel it” and sought a more concrete way to find her match. Venus decided to think of the different kinds of love to better define what she wanted in a partner.

There’s familial love for family. Platonic love for friends. Physical love for celebrities or people she might meet at a bar. (I call that sexual attraction.) And romantic! This is how she came to define love for herself and what would work for her in a mate.

Of all those loves, what did she want? More than romantic love seemed appropriate. Maybe a bit of platonic love, and a dose of familial love so he feels like family. Add a dash of physical love like seeing a stranger at a club.

I was fascinated by this process and thought it was amazing. Back in my dating coach life, I had my clients make a list of what they wanted. But Venus’ method was a stroke of genius.

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Exploring Aspects of Love

When Venus was younger, she read a book called The Ethical Slut which was about different kinds of love. This included open relationships and polyamory which appealed to her when she was young.

She says it’s a good read even if you’re monogamous, explaining how to find safety and identity. It teaches you how to release the aspect of control which limits how you go about relationships.

When you allow others to be who they are, it takes the pressure off yourself as well. Then you can be more focused on living your life, authentically and ethically. Ultimately, Venus says being in a good relationship involves open communication and addressing things right away as they come up.

Venus had some other gems to share about the difference between Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers in relationships, but you’ll have to listen to the podcast to enjoy the rest.

She talked about three exciting workshops coming up in February 2024 at the shop where she works. Check the website for details when posted in January. Workshops at Stardust

BIO – Venus

Breathe Love & Magic podcastVenus is a born and raised witch who resides in Salem, Massachusetts. She shifted to the worship of Aphrodite and the followings of her disciples around 15 years ago and has been going strong since.

With 10 years experience in Tarot, she encourages her clients to embody love, beauty, harmony, and to embrace their truest, most authentic selves.

The ultimate goal for her within her faith, is to wholeheartedly create a safe and nurturing space for all to explore their desires, overcome obstacles, and embark on transformative journeys of self-discovery.

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