The Magic of Mother Nature with Sarah Strong

In this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, I speak with Sarah Strong and Mother Nature, whom she channels. As you would expect, Mother Nature’s message is one of love and healing. She talks about the need for balancing masculine and feminine energies at this time and also the importance of allowing ourselves to relax and play in nature.

Trees are very healing as is being by the water. We touched on star seeds, Pleiadeans, and so much more. Quite a breath of fresh air that’s what Mother Nature is!

About Sarah

Sarah is an intuitive life coach who is telepathic, psychic, empathic, a channel, and a medium and has had these gifts since she was a child. Her journey to become a life coach began about 5 years ago when she was guided to go “on a mission” to find something even though she didn’t know what she was looking for. But her Guides were with her and she knew it! In Perth, Western Australia (where she grew up) at the time, Sarah was guided to go to Fremantle where all the “hippy stuff” is, and found a book in one of the shops called, Crystal Masters 333. Just holding the book, she had a spiritual experience – it was very special and she knew it was the beginning of a magical journey.

Intuitive life coaching is a deep calling for Sarah and has come naturally to all areas of her life from relationships to business interactions. She has worked for the past year as an intuitive life coach, and welcomes all those who truly desire change, joy, love, fulfilment, and enlightenment to fill every aspect of their lives, to join her in co-creating a soul journey that will last a lifetime!

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