The Magic Of Intuitive Coaching And Breathwork With Candy Irven

This episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast is SO much fun! I had the best time talking with Candy Irven, Breathwork Practitioner and Intuitive Coach.

From Tech Exec to Intuitive Coaching

intuitive coaching Candy IrvenCandy was a successful Tech Exec when she woke to realize there was more to her life than sleeping with her cell phone under her pillow! All work and not nearly enough play made her worry she’d wake up alone at 50 with too many pairs of shoes and a cat.

Today, Candy lives a far more balanced life, does energetic healing with simple breathing techniques and also uses her well-developed intuition to help her clients move past blocks to get what they want.

We also had a fascinating conversation about our dreams and messages from the Universe. It’s so important to pay attention when the information comes your way!

Candy is animated and has a great sense of humor creating a very entertaining AND informative episode.

More on intuition with Candy’s friend, Laura Haehl.

Positive and Optimistic

Candy Irven is optimistic about the worldHer optimism about the planet right now was such a breath of fresh air. I don’t know about you, but I am so tired of spiritual people spouting off with doom and gloom predictions. Candy is very positive.

We talked about Kryon, channeled by Lee Carroll, his positive messages about Earth today. Like Kryon, Candy feels good about where we are going – yes!

She also shared something that Putin and Zelensky have in common, based on Cardology, which was a little bit mystical and quite surprising.

Listen to this FUN podcast when you get a minute – It’s informative and entertaining.

BIO – Candy Irven

Candy Irven breathwork practitionerA reformed people-pleaser and 15 year tech exec, Candy channels her powers for good (most days) by offering breathwork, hypnosis, and intuitive coaching to individuals that are ready to have a breakthrough (instead of a breakdown), find clarity (instead of more confusion) and breathe new energy into their life.

Working with Candy is not for the faint of heart, though. She sees your potential and will actively encourage you to get there by real-talking you from a place of acceptance and love with a refreshing dash of humor.


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