The Magic of Halloween

In this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, I’m going to share what I have discovered about the origins of the Halloween holiday and how I morphed and changed into the spooky fun holiday we celebrate today. 


Plus, I’m going to share three podcasts that I listen to with Halloween or what I consider to be scary episodes that you might enjoy as well.   

The first is Spirit Speakers October episode in which the hosts, Patty and Jude, describe every extraterrestrial being they have encountered and there are quite a few! Their website is actually – not what I said in the episode.

The second is The Skeptic Metaphysician and his interview with a Vampyre who is also a Reiki Master. Fascinating and unusual. 

The third is Spiritual Sh*t with the lovely Alea and her Halloween episode filled with her own and her listeners spooky stories. Even though this episode is from 2020, the stories are still good for any Halloween!

Last but not least, I talk about how the veil is thinner now, so it might be the perfect time to put up an altar for your ancestors and speak with those who came before you. I’ll tell you all about the simple things I do as well.  


Happy Halloween! 

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