The Magic Of Feng Shui For Fashion

Did you know you can Feng Shui your wardrobe? That’s the real magic you’ll discover in this fun and insightful interview with Krista Polinsky, Feng Shui Consultant and Energy Healer. Krista talks about the five elements of Feng Shui and how to identify which ones resonate with you. Then you’ll find out how to choose clothing that support your intentions through color, fabric, texture, shape, style, fit, accessories, and more.

For example, if you want to become more comfortable with communicating more directly, you would choose more clothing with the wood element. It’s simple and Krista explains each element to give you the inside scoop on what to wear.

You’ll also figure out what your favorite clothes have been communicating about you all along. I learned a lot about how I present myself to the world in this magical podcast and you will too.

Krista has a pdf of the slides, so you can see the photos we talked about. To get them, visit her website:  [If the page isn’t up yet on her site, check back in a few days.]

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