The Magic & Lessons Of 2023 And What’s To Come

My friend Marla, the Mystical Matchmaker and I reviewed the lessons we learned in 2023, including the synchronicities and magic that came to our aid.

We moved on to talk about 2024 and how to be open to the most magical life possible. Plus, Marla picked some cards to give us a heads up for the year to come.

Notice the Little Signs

One thing we both agreed on, was noticing the little signs really helps. The guidance I seek is not always some big message. So, you have to keep your eyes and ears open to notice what comes your way, even tiny messages count.

There is help out there and sometimes, it boils down to simply asking for it. Marla was taking care of her dear mom as she was slowly passing at home which was her wish. But that was a lot to handle all by herself.

Talking with her cousin Wendy, she was explaining the hardship when Wendy offered to come stay with her to help. She was there for the last six days of Marla’s mother’s life and this made a huge difference.

Even though she didn’t ask directly, she had been asking the Universe to send help and thankfully, Wendy answered the call!

Another story Marla told was about her beloved dog, Macy. Poor Macy had a tumor that needed to be removed and all the tests plus surgery created a bill of $2,500.

Then the very next day, Marla landed a new coaching client for…you guessed it! $2,500!

I shared a story about being on a summit of speakers and how someone had sort of copied a talk title from me. This got me all riled up and distracted from practicing my own presentation which was to be delivered the next day.

Watch for Confirmation

Finally, I woke up in the moment and said to the part of myself who was bitching away, “Hey, let’s figure out what I can do, how I want to present myself, and what I want to share.”

I thought of this as redirecting my “Inner Bitch” and getting her to focus on what would be helpful – not complaining about someone else. I only have control of myself, right?

That worked! I did a great presentation and stopped worrying about that other woman. Who cares what she does?

The next day, my client was talking about a problem at work and her own inner bitch was complaining and worried about not being helpful or nice. I explained that all she needed to do was set a clear boundary and make it fact based, not emotional.

She just needed to be bold and say, “I’m sorry I can’t do that for you, but I can do this.” Redirecting her energy to what she could do helped her feel more empowered about the situation and she handled it beautifully.

This conversation was the perfect confirmation that I was on the right path with this “Inner Bitch” idea and I’m going to offer something in 2024 using this concept.

It’s important to be in charge of yourself to avoid potential chronic health issues. This energy can get stuck in your body and cause problems later down the road. That’s why I always recommend energy clearing.

Avoid Piling Up Complaints

Marla and I talked a lot about not letting the issues in your life pile up. Avoid allowing the complaining to get out of control and seeing everything as a crisis because this keeps it all active in your energy field.

We are not saying you shouldn’t feel your feelings. Of course, you have to process them – this is part of being human. Yet, you don’t have to stay stuck on your problems.

If you want to open up your magic, shift your focus to see solutions or focus on what you do want to create.

Oracle Card Reading for 2024

Then Marla pulled some oracle cards and chose the card Lady Venus which is about downloads and understanding. It said truth is being revealed and deep insights are coming from the heavens.

So, when you release the chaos and worry, that’s when you get the insights. Put away the drama and let the drama queen go, so you can step into your power.

I laughed when Marla pointed out that for ladies of a certain age, it’s time to make things count. You don’t have that many decades to waste on drama anymore and playing in the muck. Good point!

The next card was Charity – prayer and contemplation. Connect with heaven and receive. Ask and you shall receive. And she picked Archangel Michael – surrender your concerns and allow a miracle to occur.

Switching decks, she picked from the moon cards. The first card was the new Moon in Capricorn which is about your hard work paying off! Yes! Full Moon in Aquarius –  show the world the real you. The last one – the New Moon is about how a new start is coming.

Amazing! Show up as yourself, don’t worry about what anyone else thinks, and be the real you for a fresh start.

Another card popped out, which was the North Node. It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone to step up in a bigger way. 2024 has so much powerful potential, so think about where you can step things up.

One thing you can do to start the year fresh is to sweep your front stoop and wash your front door. These are tips from Feng Shui. Plus, you can smudge your entire house for the first of the year to clean the energy within your home.

3 Confirming Synchronicities

#1. My friend Carrie and I were tuning in to ask how we can have more magic in our lives. We heard from the spirit to simply ask to raise our vibration and set an intention to do that. Do this daily like a ritual.

Just as I was telling this story during the taping, my cellphone started buzzing and it was Carrie calling! Talk about coincidence.

#2. Since I started doing this practice every day, I had two dreams that my hair had grown really long, like down to my waist. I was so curious what this could mean and then it dawned on me – my hair grew long – GROWTH!

I looked it up in Betty Bethards’ book – The Dream Book. Dreaming about hair means power flowing from the crown. The longer the hair the more power! Wahoo!

#3. I picked one card from the Goddess deck and I was blown away with what I chose, Abundantia! She is a Roman Goddess of prosperity, success, and preservation of wealth and I have been working with her since the middle of October.

Amazingly, Abundantia keeps showing up all over the place in my life. The synchronicities and coincidences with her just keep rolling in and I’m so excited about this.

I asked my husband to buy me an ancient Roman coin for Christmas, because she’s on the back of many of them! Abundantia has come into my life in so many ways, it’s really astonishing and I am loving it.

Here’s one more fabulous synchronicity for all of us: the year 2024 adds up to the number eight and in numerology, that is all about abundance! Next year is sure to be a good one filled with so much of what you want!

We’d love to hear your stories about synchronicities! Contact me here or Marla on her site and maybe we’ll share them in a future episode. Thanks!

Happy New Year to all my listeners. May you enjoy as many blessings as you can see stars in deep blue night sky.

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