How To Use Feng Shui For Business And Life With Kim Julen

This week’s episode features Feng Shui Expert and Intuitive Coach, Kim Julen. She talks about Feng Shui for business and life and how to take charge and feel supported.

Kim shares her extensive knowledge about this ancient Chinese art and science that dates back thousands of years. The purpose is to create an environment that energetically supports you and the things you want to attract into your life.

I have studied Feng Shui too and think of the practice as creating the most fortuitous flow of energy through your home or office. Kim agreed!

Command the Space

Kim Julen Feng Shui Expert talks about feng shui tips - An interview with Ronnie Ann Ryan on Breathe Love & Magic podcast.Kim’s first example had to do with going out to dinner in a restaurant and how you should choose a seat with your back to the wall and a view of the door. This keeps you prepared to see who is approaching.

Years ago as a dating coach, I wrote an article about this very idea called Dinner Date Feng Shui which explained how to honor the masculine energy of your date.

This kind of command position also applies to your home and office. For example, in the bedroom, you want the bed facing the door but not in alignment with the door. Also, Kim explains how you want your husband or partner to sleep closer to the door for protection, symbolically or otherwise.

Feng Shui for Business

These suggestions for positioning yourself stem from the need for safety and protection. The same thing is true for how to position your desk in your office. You want a view of the door but not to be in front of it. The point is you don’t want anyone sneaking up on you!

If you have a commercial space, consider the position of your office as it relates to the front door. The command position for the floor plan would be to locate your office in the back left corner. This is the wealth corner. If someone else is in the wealth corner, it can interfere with the energy of your success and profits.

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Feng Shui Tips for the Office

Feng shui tips for the office - a podcast interview with Kim Julen on Breathe Love & Magic

With corporate cubicles, often your back is to the doorway which is not the command position. That’s not proper Feng Shui for business. Kim’s cure is to hang a red sweater or scarf over the back of your chair. This protects your energy if you have any conflicts with coworkers. The red color also acts like a stop sign, symbolically signaling people to approach with caution.

Another solution is to place a mirror in front of you that can show you the doorway, so you can see who is coming. This gives your power back since you can now see what is happening.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

Feng shui for the bedroom with Kim JulenIn the bedroom, you want a solid, once piece headboard and foot board. Slatted headboards can produce uncomfortable energy. If you can’t use a headboard, hang something on the wall behind you or paint a square to represent support. Another option is to hang something over the slotted headboard like a quilt, to give it the appearance of being solid.

Kim insists you’ll sleep better for sure and this is good Feng Shui for the bedroom. Spice things up in the bedroom and attract love with Feng Shui.

Bring Energy into the Space

Kim explained that when she does a presentation, she’ll touch all the chairs before people come in putting her energy into the room. I love this idea!

Another method she uses is to “throw” her energy into the space and in the corners, while counting to 10. This helps people relate to her during her speech or performance.

If you can’t get in the room ahead of time, you can draw power with the Wonder Woman pose. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart and hands on hips. Go into the ladies room and try this for yourself before your next meeting! This isn’t Feng Shui for business but it still works.

Daily Magic

Next, I asked Kim what daily magic means to her. She said things just magically come together for her after setting an intention.

For example, Kim set an intention to do more speaking this year, and four people, including me, already asked her to be a guest. All requests came out of the blue!

It’s a bunch of little things that happen that just seem random, but there is no such thing as coincidence. That’s the synchronicity of magic! It can also be messages from your spirit guides, angels, and ancestors.

I also talk about daily magic and did an episode called 30 Juicy Bits of Daily Magic in case you want to know how to bring more magic into your life.

BIO – Kim Julen

business feng shui tips with Kim Julen and Ronnie Ann RyanKim Julen is a Feng Shui Intuitive Coach whose Feng Shui expertise, intuitive skills and extensive personal development and business knowledge create a unique approach to resolving your business and life issues.

A Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, International Feng Shui Guild Board Member and Red Ribbon Practitioner, Kim is also a Certified Angel Card Reader. She graduated from St. Thomas College and has trained with world leaders in business, spirituality, and personal development.

Fun Fact: In 2017 Kim moved from Minnesota to Maui, sight unseen, to make her dream life a reality. Through her Love Your Life group coaching program, Feng Shui consultations, Angel Readings and courses, Kim brings awareness to those things that are keeping you stuck. She helps you stop spinning your wheels and start taking action with clarity and confidence!

Kim is passionate about helping you create a life and business filled with ease, daily magic and joy. She’s happy to guide you in “Finding Your Fiji” and living a life you truly love!

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