Are You Reliving Groundhog Day? Ask Coach Amanda Kate

In this episode, I’m speaking with Coach Amanda Kate about the repeating patterns in your life that seem like Groundhog’s Day and her new book Divine. Messy. Human.

Twin Flame Relationship

muscle testing and kinesiologyWe started by talking about how she’s in a twin flame relationship and I mentioned how that must not be easy. These relationships are often tumultuous. She agreed and admitted sometimes she wonders why she welcomed this in. Then laughed.

Amanda explained that every day, it’s like having a mirror there, showing her the good and bad about herself consistently. Yet, there is such a pull, it’s hard to imagine life without him. So, it’s a place for incredible growth and plenty.

Then we had a good laugh as she also admitted there are times when she calls a girlfriend and asks if she can just hop off the merry-go-round and stop with the lessons. She just wants a holiday from it! Who can’t relate to that?

Spiritual Growth Is Not an Easy Path

When I was younger, I thought the spiritual path would make my life easier and Amanda busted out laughing hearing that. She pointed out spiritual growth is not an easy path. Being on your path means you have to forge it every step of the way.

Yes, it’s exciting and wonderful, but requires a lot of rest, patience, and nurturing of the self. I shared a story about the eulogy I gave for my mom when she passed and how I told a bunch of stories that all began with “My mother taught me…”

I’m so lucky because my parents were very supportive of me forging my own path. They never gave me a hard time about quitting jobs or starting something new. It hasn’t been easy, but honestly, I don’t think I could have lived my life another way.

We also laughed at how it feels like you need a machete to cut through the underbrush to find your way! That’s so low tech. It’s time to upgrade and change the vision to a cutting tool that at least has a gas-powered motor! LOL.

Reaching Your Full Potential

Amanda KateShifting gears, I asked Amanda about how she helps business owners reach their full potential and magnetically draw ideal clients to them. Turns out there’s no magic process.

She said you can’t just imagine the Mercedes appears in your driveway; you have to take action as well in the 3-D world. This goes back to forging your own path and taking charge of your life.

She also said when you admit you have no control and embrace uncertainty, that’s where the magic lies. While there are people who can follow a step-by-step process to build business success, that didn’t work for me.

What really helped Amanda was finding her four purpose and passion archetypes which revealed her genius. This is what she does with her clients today, because finding the way you work best is so important.

She leverages whatever she has learned, fills in by learning from other experts, and takes that work out into the world.

Amanda’s Process Involves 3 Steps

  1. Set up your future vision and know how it will feel (joy, awe, excitement)
  2. Then seek your next step
  3. And glance behind you for what is holding you back and needs clearing

Sometimes you can set a time frame and deadline, but it’s not always needed. There are also situations when it can get in the way. Amanda could totally relate to this because of how her book got completed in just 10 weeks. Once this was stated – it just came pouring out of her.

Amanda belongs to a group called Lunar Life Networking for intention setting, releasing, forgiveness work and gratitude. It’s amazing. And regarding their manifesting, they say, “This or something better now manifests for me under grace and in perfect ways.”

Is Everyday Groundhog’s Day?

Amanda Kate

We talked about routine vs. living in a more free-flowing state. For some people, there is a lot of safety and security in having a daily routine. The consistency helps them thrive and focus on achieving their goals.

Earlier in her life, everyday was the same over and over again which she likened to Groundhog Day, the movie. Today, Amanda goes by what she feels.

To her, routine doesn’t allow for tapping into creativity and expressing yourself completely. This goes back to embracing uncertainty, where nothing is the same and anything can happen which creates more opportunities.

Muscle Testing and Kinesiology

Amanda uses muscle testing and applied kinesiology in her practice. This is a blend of Eastern wisdom and Western science. Everything that happens to the body is caused by stress – physical, chemical, or emotional.

What is applied kinesiology? Also known as muscle strength testing, it’s a diagnostic method and treatment based on the belief that muscle weakness can signal problems within the body.

From Amanda’s point of view, the more harmony and energetic congruence there is within the body, the healthier you are. She uses this method to find and release blocks related to your business and life not just for health.

Combining all her skills (which are numerous), Amanda helps her clients achieve their goals with many non-traditional techniques.

Amanda offers a Free 20-minute chat to see if you would be a good fit to work together and you can sign up on her website below.

Bio – Amanda Kate

Divine. Messy. Human.Amanda Kate is a Kinesiologist, Mentor, Mother and more. Author of Divine. Messy. Human.: A Spiritual Guide to Prioritizing Internal Truth over External Influence, she released the book with the information, tips and practices that helped her move from self-loathing to self-acceptance, self-love, and self-empowerment. A recovering people-pleaser and self-flagellator, she walks the path straddling the Divine and Messy daily.

Always growing, developing and learning new ways of being to hopefully, one day leave the Earth better than she found it. Amanda Kate helps people to regain their vitality, smashing through their internal glass ceiling and limitations to find new levels of health, vitality and abundance.

She also works with business owners to increase their vibration and attract greater wealth and prosperity. Amanda Kate lives in Melbourne, Australia with her twin flame, her children, his children, and a dog named Zeus.

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