Ancient Arts, Sacred Sciences, And Laughter With Timothy Stuetz

Learn about ancient arts, sacred sciences, and laughter with Timothy Stuetz, including a fun visualization to manifest three wishes! We talked about how to quiet the mind, smile more, and find an endless source of laughter.

The Past No Longer Bothers Timothy

ancient arts and sacred sciencesMy guest Timothy made a bold statement. He says that over the last 42 years, practicing and teaching various spiritual practices, it’s almost like the past doesn’t exist for him any more. In other words, it doesn’t drag him down.

His practices have included meditation, Reiki, Tai Chi, Yoga & Qigong, among others.

Every day is so complete, it’s hard for him to imagine anything beyond what is happening right now, even though he has memories of course. But, anything that challenged him in the past, no longer has energy or emotions attached to it. Nice, right?

I told him that seemed like quite an accomplishment, since many people carry a big suitcase filled with all sort of emotional wounds and hardships. I asked him how he managed to let it all go.

Timothy attributes his freedom to God’s grace and daily meditation. Plus, he’s worked with many teachers over the years. Everything has been a mirror for what he needed to learn and see in himself.

He’d ask himself about all the different reflections he faced, “What am I supposed to learn from this relationship?” This questioning has been tremendously helpful.

What Is Timothy Doing Now?

Quantum Energy AcademyTimothy’s career has been quite varied including being a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), a reverend, a chocolatier, and a master of several ancient arts and sacred sciences.

Today, he has a Quantum Energy Academy where he trains people to carry on the gifts he’s been given. This 18-month training program includes Quantum Energy Healing, and various forms of meditation, Tai Chi, Qigong, and yoga.

You can take classes just for yourself or get certified to teach others.

One big questions I posed to Timothy is how do we embody more of the magical life he talks about? What are the necessary core elements to make that happen?

Timothy responded, “Practice, practice, practice and choosing something that really resonates with you.”

Also, don’t give up on a practice too quickly, because anything new may feel strange at first. It may trigger reactions that make you want to give up. But stay with your choice long enough to know it’s something you want to continue or move on if it doesn’t resonate.

Prolific Children’s Book Author

Prolific Children's AuthorTimothy is the world’s most prolific writer of children’s book. The stories and exercises in these books will energize the reader’s magical powers of love and create miracles. One exercise teaches how to empower three wishes and send them out into the world, making the reader a powerful magician.

My guest said we all have magical powers but we need to remember and learn how to use them.  The ancient arts and sacred sciences are a great path to get you there.

Timothy actually leads listeners through a fun exercise to attract three wishes, but you’ll have to listen to the podcast for that. For me, it felt very powerful and got the energy moving all around my body.

A Barrel of Laughter

Another exercise teaches children how to create a smiling body. If you literally sit and smile, then visualize putting a smile into every organ and part of our body and practice this for a week or two, you will smile a lot more effortlessly.

A barrel of laughter can be found by focusing on the dantian (sacral chakra 2 ” below the navel). This is a great solution for what is happening in the world right now. Find the laughter within to stay happy.

Timothy says he does listen to the news once in a while, so he can consciously choose where to direct his healing energy in the world. It works better than just sending out a general blanket of love and light.

Reclaiming His Smile

sacred sciencesAfter finishing his training to learn and teach Tai Chi, his first teacher told him he knew the movements and how to instruct students really well. But she asked if he could do this with a smile on his face!

Once she said this, a memory came forward of his father telling him to, “Wipe that smile of his face.” Because of this, Timothy had been on the more serious side. But his teacher’s words hit him like a ton of bricks.

She reawakened his natural smile and why he had stopped allowing himself to smile. Then with God’s grace, he started laughing after a meditation retreat which was a huge release. He laughed for 6.5 hours straight! Can you imagine?

The final piece to this story is, as he awakened one morning, he had a sense that one of his meditation masters was sitting at the top of his pillow.

He felt his teacher’s fingers pull at the corners of his mouth, creating a smile. The more you smile, the easier it gets and the more natural too. When you are not feeling joy, you have lost track of your heart, regardless of what is going on outside. Practice finding the joy.

A Place For Gratitude

To me, this is a place for gratitude practice. Notice what is working and appreciate all of it. A grateful heart provides elevated energy and a higher frequency.

Another strategy that helps is from the author, Lynn Grabhorn, or talks about marveling. Look at nature to wonder how it works and knows exactly what to do. Getting in touch with life through the eyes of a child in this fashion changes everything.

This is a mindfulness practice that gets you off the anxiety train and helps you feel more present.

Reverend Yugen Bond, minimalist, talks more about mindfulness in this interview.

When you quiet your mind, your intuition and spirit guides can get through to you more easily. If you are trying to develop your intuitive abilities, this is super important.

Tai Chi and Qigong also help you quiet the mind. You focus on the soles of your feet or below your navel while you are moving, and somehow that manages to erase those deep thinking groves. These practices draw upon the ancient arts and sacred sciences Timothy has studied in-depth.

Click here for an episode on Qigong and Tai Chi.

Vibrating Like 1,000 Suns

Timothy Stuetz Timothy’s last piece of advice is to find a practice that you love that gets you to tune back into your inner self. When your mind is churning, thinking over and over about something, give it something else to repeat that is distracting and uplifting.

You could repeat any of these:

  • I am
  • A name of God
  • Peace
  • Love
  • Om, etc.

Breathe in and feel the love that you are. Let it radiate through your body to constantly reinforce the ongoing experience of who you truly are. This is another of the ancient arts and sacred sciences for sure.

Every cell of your body is capable of vibrating with the energy of 1,000 suns. We’ve all have a good experience in life and those good vibes and feelings are inside you. Tap back into that to relive the experience whenever you want it to raise your frequency.

BIO – Timothy Stuetz

Quantum Healing AcademyAn astrologer once told Timothy, “You don’t change jobs, you change careers.”  And he was right! He’s been a Certified Public Accountant, an Ordained Minister, a Master of Multiple Ancient Arts and Sacred Sciences (Meditation, Reiki, T’ai Chi, Yoga & Qigong). He’s also the most prolific author of children’s books alive today.

Bliss Beary Bear’s Educational, Entertaining & Inspirational Fairy Tales Of The Heart have more original characters than even Disney has created!

Timothy also the Executive Director and Founder of Transformations, a nonprofit dedicated to assisting people of all ages achieve their maximum personal and professional potential by integrating body, mind, heart and soul.

Holding people at birth and death and empowering them in all ways in between, he has developed expertise in human development, generating and using internal energy to restore health, relaxation, focus, to be successful and connect with and live their Original Magic!

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