Summer Solstice Reading Special

The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year and a great reason to get a reading! All this light can help you see what’s happening in your life greater clarity.

One Question Reading – Just $25!

Ask one question by email and you’ll receive a 10-minute voice-recorded private reading sent back by email within 24 hours. Get an answer to your pressing question, confirmation about a decision you’ve already made, or an inspiring message.

How Does It Work?

Step #1: First click on this link to make your purchase – just $25!

Step #2: Then email me at Ronnie(@) to ask your one brief question

Step #3: Receive your voice recorded reading within 24 hours – that’s it.

So, simple and lots of fun!

I’ll pull a card or two and provide intuitive guidance as well with helpful insights from a positive perspective.

What Can You Ask?

You can ask questions about love, career, relationships, money, family, spirituality, work and more.

This is my valuable special for the Summer Solstice.

Get Your Reading Now!

Place your order now by clicking on the sun below. Then email me with your simple question and in 24-hours or less, you’ll have a voice-recorded reading sent by email. So much fun!