How to Ask the Universe for a Sign


Welcome to the course How to Ask the Universe for a Sign! In this 30-minute program, you will learn my exclusive and proven 5-Step Method to ask the Universe for a Sign, to help you make tough decisions, big and small.

This is a simple, yet powerful program that you’ll be able to put to work right away. Learning to work with your intuition and your higher self, the Universe, Source, or whatever you might call it, offers tons of support and guidance for your life.

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Rave Reviews!

“Ronnie gave me clarity around a career path question. She provided insight on each option in a way that wasn’t “this one is good and this one is bad” but rather affirmed that if I went one direction, it was going to have this impact, and the other path may be an easier journey. So insightful.”       – Kim Stevens

“I initially wasn’t sure what to expect working with an intuitive on my business goals, but I found Ronnie to be very relatable and grounded. She created a setting that was comfortable to share my thoughts about the barriers holding me back.

Her helpful insights about how to shift my focus built on the strategies that were already bringing me success. Now I feel less stressed and more positive and excited around growing my business.”       – Cara Brook, Professional Organizer and Podcast Host

“Ronnie helped me get clear and gave me direction about my income-generating ideas.  Confirming the success of one idea, in particular, was reassuring. She identified and got to the root of personal blocks and themes that have been getting in the way of moving forward and experiencing success.

I really appreciated her acknowledging my frustrations and offering concrete ideas on where to go from here, as well as her insights and intuitive guidance. Bring your questions–the more specific, the better!”       –  T. Diaz

“Ronnie helped me get clarity on what direction I want my business to go and more importantly gave ideas on how to get there. Now having a clear plan, I am confident that I will be able to attract the clients I want!”      – Beth of Beth Carter Enterprises