Intuitive or Past Life Reading Holiday Special – $99

Standing at the Crossroads?

Am I headed in the right direction?Are you facing a challenge or life crisis? Maybe you’re considering starting something new or heading in a different direction? That’s a great time to have an Intuitive Reading!

Let’s explore your life path and purpose and uncover options that resonate best. We can also confirm the direction you’re already thinking about or taking.

An Intuitive Reading helps you build confidence about your next steps, while holding a vision for what you plan to create.

What’s Keeping You Up at Night?

If a situation is bothering you and you aren’t sure what to do, that’s another great reason to have an intuitive reading. Get the clarity you need to understand what’s happening, then figure out your next steps.

You’ll find hearing practical intuitive guidance and supportive insights is comforting and extremely helpful.

I Felt So Much Lighter!

“After my reading with Ronnie, I felt so much more confident about what the next six months has in store for me. She answered questions about my business and gave me great insight into what will be unfolding in the near future. If you’re searching for answers on your love life, career, or a variety of areas, a reading with Ronnie will tell you what you need to know.”  – Keisha, New Jersey

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Are Your Past Lives Holding You Back?

When you can’t manifest your desires or create the life you want, it might not be due to experiences and beliefs from this life.

Going deeper with an Akashic Record Reading, situations from previous incarnations are revealed that dramatically affect you now in ways you never imagined.

That’s why if you feel blocked or frustrated, it’s smart to investigate your past lives.

Do You Feel Stuck or Worried?

It’s hard to move forward if you’re confused, feel anxious, lack confidence, or doubt yourself. This could stem from former life patterns, decisions, or vows that hold you back today.

The ANSWERS you seek reside in the Akashic Records. This is like a vast library or supercomputer that exists in the ethers containing the details of all your past lives (and everyone else’s too). Current details are there as well.

The root cause of ANY situation often lies in your past. When you access the Akashic Records, you can gain a better understand of what could be standing in your way.

With a Past Life Akashic Records Reading, discover soul guidance with solutions to begin healing the negative patterns that prevent you from living your best life now.

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They Loved Their Readings…

Deep Insights Resonated With Me
“WOW! The information Ronnie relayed to me was powerful, and everything really resonated with me in the Akashic Record reading. She saw previous lifetimes I shared with my husband, and others that shed light on a problem I have lived with since early adulthood.

Her deep insights explained why I have been attracted to certain countries, cultures and periods of history. Ronnie’s bubbly personality makes the interaction fun. Let Ronnie be your guide!” – Wendy, Florida

Connected the Dots of My Patterns
“I had my first Akashic Records Reading with Ronnie which connected dots on patterns that have shown in my life for years. She made the process easy and fun and the reading helped me to see that I can let go and see situations with forgiveness, kindness, and purpose.

Thanks Ronnie, this was a true gift for myself and one I recommend for anyone in need of clarity or insight about unanswered questions in their heart.” – Melanie, Maryland

Get a Holiday Reading or Give a Gift Today!

If you’re feeling that tingly Spidey sense, you know this is the right thing for you. You deserve answers, insights, and real help on your path. Connect with spirit and feel the support that’s available to you right now!

Not sure which kind of reading to have – Intuitive or Past Lives? You can have both in one session! Just let me know your preference once you purchase the reading.