Halloween Mini-Readings with Ronnie Ann Ryan

The Magic of Halloween is here and I am offering a spooky special:

Mini-Readings for Just $25!

Get TWO mini-card readings, one from each of us, addressing the same question. Marla and I will both send you our own reading with a voice recording by email to answer your pressing or simply curious question.

How Does It Work?

Step #1: First click on this link to make your purchase – just $35!

Step #2: Then reply to this email and ask your one brief question

Step #3: Receive a voice recording within 48 hours, from me – that’s it.

So, simple and lots of fun! I offer helpful insights with a positive perspective. That’s my intention for you!

What Can You Ask?

I can answer questions about love, career, relationships, money, family, spirituality, work and more.

This valuable special is my Trick or Treat gift to you at Halloween when the veil thins, as they say, and the spirits speak.

Order Your Reading Now!

Place your order now by clicking on the pumpkin below. Then email me with your simple question. In 48-hours or less, you’ll have a voice recorded reading me sent by email.

Click on the pumpkin to place your $25 mini-reading order!

Great insights and so much fun!


I Felt So Much Lighter!

“After my reading with Ronnie, I felt so much more confident about what the next six months has in store for me. She answered questions about my business and gave me great insight into what will be unfolding in the near future. If you’re searching for answers on your love life, career, or a variety of areas, a reading with Ronnie will tell you what you need to know.”  – Keisha, New Jersey

Helped Me See the Big Picture

“Ronnie is amazing and I totally appreciated her guidance. She helped me see the big picture and I really needed help with that to get past my typical black and white thinking. Understanding where my journey is taking me and slowing down will give me time to improve myself, my relationships, and make better choices too.”   – Holly, North Carolina

Helped Me Solve a Complex Issue!

“With only 30 minutes, Ronnie was able to help me work through a complex business decision I had been sitting on for weeks. She has a lot of modalities to try out and a great foundation of business consulting.

Sometimes you can’t overthink your way to a clear solution and having someone like Ronnie who can help you tap further into your intuition can save a lot of time. I highly recommend her!  – Grace, Mindset Coach