Awaken Your Sixth Sense Program


learn to use and rely on your intuitionI’m so excited you are embarking on this path to awaken your sixth sense, build your confidence, and trust your own inner wisdom! This is a big step that will be a game changer for you.

Below you will find the seven lessons of the Awaken Your Sixth Sense Program.  I recommend that you take time to practice a bit before moving on to the next lesson. However, if you’ve already been using your intuiton, feel free to power through a little faster. It’s totally your choice.

The benefit of developing your intuitive power is to rely on your inner wisdom when situations arise in your life.

Whether you are facing a life challenge, fork in the road, or struggling with something, your sixth sense can be your very best resource. Use it to find solutions or gain insights into what your situation is really about. Maybe even discover the lesson you are learning spiritually.

Intuition is actually coded into your DNA and part of your innate skill set. Learning to use it will give you a new sense of control and help you feel more optimistic about your choices.

Feeling guided offers a sense of calm like nothing else can when you really need it. And you ARE guided, by your own higher self, your soul, your spirit guides, angels, ancestors and more.

Learning how to tap into your innate abilities will make a world of difference!

If you have a question about the program, please email me through the contact form and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours (often less).

One thing I know for sure after teaching people to use their intuiton for over 20 years, people are getting it faster than ever! The veil has thinned so much, you are likley to find this much easier than you expected.

Once you practice and trust the answers you get, you will be thrilled you took the time to learn this invaluable skill.


Here’s the link for the Eyes of Fa

Before, during, or after Awaken You Sixth Sense, if you have questions about developing your intuition or your life that you’d like more insight about, book a session with me.

Whether you want a reading about a current life challenge, coaching about a situation that leverages my intuition, or help to further build your sixth sense, let’s work together!

Click here to book your session, so we can figure things out and get you headed in the right direction. You’ll feel calmer and more in charge, and see possibilities that have eluded you until now.

I look forward to supporting you 🙂


*Thank you to Music by AudioCoffee – Denys Kyshchuk for the great musical intro and outro!