You’re Invited to the Winter Solstice Manifesting Party!

how to celebrate the Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice on December 21st is the shortest day of the year. From this day forward, every day will grow longer until June 21st. Minutes of sunshine are increasing daily (which makes me incredibly happy)!

This is why the Winter Solstice is the #1 day for manifesting of the entire year. That means the Winter Solstice is the most powerful day of the year, because it’s when the growth cycle restarts!

It’s the absolute perfect time to start formulating your new dreams and planting seeds. As the daylight grows, so can your dreams unfold!

In ancient Europe, the solstice was celebrated as Yule. This was a time to think about renewal and celebrate the return of the life-giving sun. The cycle for growth begins again.

Let’s gather with like-minded women, to take part in this ancient ritual and manifest your heart’s desire for the year to come.

Join Me for the Winter Solstice Manifesting Party!

Thursday, December 21st at 7:30-9pm ET

Here’s what we will do during our time together:

  • Begin with gratitude for everything in 2023.
  • Clear your energy to make room for something new!
  • Align your energy with your highest good.
  • Celebrate the return of the sun and the sunlight increasing.
  • Apply a surefire manifesting method to attract what you want.
  • Plant seeds for 2024 to grow your heart’s desire.
  • Have fun and start feeling empowered and positive about 2024!

Be sure you achieve important goals, stir up some adventure, create events that become fond memories, and set yourself up for a year of fun and joy. Create more happiness and gusto for life!

Reserve Your Spot – Just $33.33

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Conducted on zoom, this event is packed with helpful tools and opportunities for personal growth and manifesting your heart’s desire for the coming year.

Whether you want love, a new job, a new home, inner peace, new friends, or more joy or fun, the Winter Solstice Manifesting Party will raise your frequency and strengthen your magnetism for manifesting success!

Don’t miss this inspiring gathering – it’s sure to be magical!

Happy Comments

“Ronnie Helped Me Lighten Up!”  – Delia in Denver
“Thanks to Ronnie, I have lightened up, feel more hopeful, and am going after what I want. Her encouragement, compassion and light approach to spirituality were just what I needed to become more open and expansive. Now I’ve turned a corner and am allowing more good things into my life.”

“Put It Out to the Universe!”  – Laurie in New Hampshire
“You were so right Ronnie. If you put it out to the Universe, it comes back to you. I planted a seed in the fall, and it’s blooming now in the spring. Last fall, after taking your program, I met my Mom’s plumber, who was at her house fixing her sink. We chatted a bit, then I left.

When my Mom went to pay him, she asked a few personal questions and mentioned that she knew someone who was interested in him. He was dating someone at the time. Four months later after a break up, he called my Mom to ask who was interested. The result – he called me, and I’ve been seeing him for three fabulous months!”

Reserve Your Spot – Just $33.33

Click on the Treasure Chest to Unlock the Magic for 2024!

This day comes once a year – so don’t miss it!