Web Design For Spiritual Business With Kelly McElroy

If you’re looking for web design for spiritual business, this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast provides some amazing insights! Kelly McElroy is the dreamer behind the positive, pastel world of Star Castle Studio.

A Spiritual Approach to Branding

Kelly McElroyWe had a surprising conversation about a highly unique and very spiritual way to work with a graphic designer. Traditionally, her job is to solve problems or find solutions using art to make sure you are communicating your offerings clearly to your target audience.

She paved her own path because typical marketing and branding seemed so black and white and frankly icky to her.

That’s why she created Star Castle Studio as a safe space for people who are trying to build a brand that feels aligned with their principles. It’s easy to get mired down and trapped by all the “shoulds” business owners encounter during the process.

What most advice online offers dragged her spirit down and left her feeling low. So, she was her own first client with this process. Now her goal is to help you make an unforgettable impression online in the same way.

Your Business Has It’s Own Energy

What called me to interview Kelly on the podcast was this idea of connecting with your brand as an energy or entity separate from yourself. This is how you discover what is in the best interest of your brand.

First, you have to imagine that your business has it’s very own energy pattern. Then you tune into that energy intuitively to see what it has to say! So much more powerful than what experts say you should do.

What an amazing concept, that your business can help you design your brand or website which will have the most appeal to your audience. Give it a name and pay attention to the personality.

Kelly’s process of web design for spiritual business is super innovative and very effective.

How to Tune into Your Business

tune into the energy of your businessThere are several ways to connect with the energy of your business, even if it’s still forming. Trust that the energy already has come together and reach out using any of these options below.

Remember, you’re not asking your inner self or higher self. You are asking YOUR BUSINESS.

1. Meditate to Connect

Sit down, get quiet and ask to connect with the energy of your business. Spend about 15-minutes with this focus. It might take you several attempts, but don’t give up. Once you do connect, ask if your business entity has a different name or give it one so you can address it directly.

Ask your business what it needs or wants. This can be about graphic design, logos, web design or design of any other marketing materials. You can also ask about the content and if there is a style that would work best to appeal to the right clientele.

2. Pull a Card

Yup, you can simply pick a card from a tarot or oracle deck! Ask what you can do to best support your business today or what do you need from me today? You can also ask a more specific question.

3. Use Your Pendulum

If you have a concern about your business or a decision to make, break out the pendulum. That’s how you can get a yes, no or maybe answer.

In case you get a “No” as your answer, then you want to break the questions down and go deeper.

For example, if you ask, “Should I offer a new program called Intuition Rocks?” getting no response won’t give you enough information.

To get the most guidance, you’ll want to think about a list of questions and really break it all down to get the information you need. Start at the foundation of your idea and work up to the smaller details.

  • Should I offer a group?
  • Should the group be about intuition?
  • How many sessions should be included? (4, 6, 10?)
  • Should it be during the day?
  • Is the name I chose going to work?
  • Would a new name serve you better?
  • etc.

Honoring Your Business

Tapping into your business energetically is a huge way to honor your business as a separate entity from you. There is a lot of power in doing this. When you treat your company with respect, you’ll also pay yourself that same respect.

Astrology of Your Business

astrology and brandingKelly has created a color palette for each astrology sign. Think about when your business is born, which could be when the idea came to you or the day your website went live. Then you know it’s astrology sign.

If it’s a new business that you are creating branding for, you can use the colors that go with it’s sign. Also the elements could be included.

Once you know the colors, then you can create a “Mood Board” which helps you formulate the feeling you want to bring out through color and visuals.

Web Design for Spiritual Business

Kelly connects with the energy of each client’s business intuitively and also uses a crystal for it’s branding. Revolutionary!

Her best tip is to drop the baggage about how other successful businesses like yours look and what their brands are about. Forget all the “shoulds” and honor your business by listening to what it wants to be. That’s how to ensure everything resonates with your target audience.

Get inspired and connected to your business and brand and see how much easier it is to create your image and appeal to your ideal clients.

BIO – Kelly McElroy

Star Castle StudioKelly McElroy calls herself the dreamer behind the positive, pastel world of Star Castle Studio. She’s a designer and illustrator, mom, bunny lover, type enthusiast, and a coffee addict.

She isn’t afraid of breaking the rules of graphic design. Kelly specializes in creating beautiful custom brands that sing the praises of individuals and their dreams while helping them get noticed for their skills and talents.

She’s interested in your unique story, inspiration and ideas because everyone has a story to tell and a gift to share. Learn more at https://www.starcastlestudio.com 

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