This Past Life Returner Sailed The Seas In Many Lives

In this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, I’m talking about a super interesting reading for a past life returner.

What is a returner? Someone who has had many lives and returned to earth multiple times to keep learning, healing and growing.

Past Life Travel Guide

past life travel guideI really enjoy past life work and doing Akashic Records readings for people. Doing this opens your eyes and gives you a much higher level perspective on what is happening in your life today and why. Think of me as your past life travel guide.

What really got to me about the reading in this recording was a number of synchronicities and spots where I hit the nail on the head! I got deeply tuned into this woman, her past lives, careers, relationship with her father and love interest.

My client is from Brazil, but she called from a boat near Alaska and that’s all I knew about her. At first she just wanted me to tune in to her without asking any questions. This isn’t my favorite thing to do, but I gave it a shot.

Past Life Returner Has a Sailing Theme

I saw that she was a past life returner with many life. She was Mayan Priestess, doing ceremonies with plant medicine. I also saw her on a boat from Portugal, sailing to Brazil in the 1500s. She was also a pirate sailing around the Caribbean in the 1700s.

Then I got a vision of her as an indigenous shaman who had a close connection to whales from Alaska. This reminded me of the movie Whale Rider which was a right of passage for a young Mauri girl. An awesome film.

How Her Past Affects Her Life Today

akashic records readingTurns out that my client was on a boat near Alaska tracking marine life and whales! Ding – got that right. I assumed she was in the navy and had no idea she was a biologist and was fascinated by how many lives she’s had on the water.

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She also wanted to know about her dad and why he always seems to reach out to be closer to her while she’s at sea. But when she’s back home, he seems more distant.

This is partly because one of her big life lessons is to learn to be independent and so he supports that goal, even if it’s unconsciously. This is likely part of their soul contract.

This past life returner also wanted to know if I saw her moving anywhere, She’s been thinking about putting roots down somewhere. The first thing I saw was California but she had no interest in the U.S. west coast.

She asked about Europe. As I tuned in, northern Europe seemed possible, maybe Demark. As luck would have it, she had met a man from Denmark and was thinking about looking into going there.

The problem is he’s married. It’s an old story heard too many times by this long-term dating coach. A woman wondering when the married men she’s seeing will leave his wife. Not going to happen.

A Viking from Denmark

past life workShe wanted to know if they had a past together. Of course they did! Listen to this – she was a Viking from Denmark, who set sail in the 800s or 900s to maraud over the British Isles, landing in Ireland.

In that life she was a man who had a wife left at home. But he fell in love and married a local woman. You guessed it – the Denmark man! (They had switched roles and genders.) Now married to two women, this was a problem for the past life returner.

Eventually he went back home to Denmark, leaving his Irish wife to fend for herself. This definitely impacts her life today with this man. The crazy thing about this is in real life, she met him on a boat in Ireland. Synchronicities abound!

There’s a lot more to this story but I don’t want to spoil it all in this post and encourage you to listen to the podcast.

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Past Lives, Present Miracles

past lives present miracles by denise linnI also talked about a book I read recently by Denise Linn called Past Lives, Present Miracles. In it, one of my favorite parts was how the author says you can change things in the past using your mind to change the present. Her stories were exceptional.

The exercise sounded so powerful, I told my friend about it and we both gave it a shot. It was amazing and I share about a past life that ended with my head being lopped off and how I changed that tragic ending. This is a story that has a lasting impact on me.

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