Talking With The Angels To Manifest Your Dreams

Are you talking with the angels? Do you believe in them? So many people call on the archangels for help. In this episode you’ll learn about a bunch of angels, their specialties, and how to work with them.

My Start with Angels

breathe love & magic podcastI remember being interested in angels back in my 20s. I was always curious about them and love them in vintage art. I found several photos of cupids holding a bow and arrow in small frames from the 1940s at flea markets and antique shops. They’re hanging up in my kitchen.

At 21, I bought these antique gold metal lamps at a flea market with an angel holding a flower. The angels stand on the lamp base and hold a large flower stem with a glass lampshade shaped like a rose. In the center like the flower’s pistil, is the pointy small bulb. So sweet!

These decorative lamps are from the art nouveau period which spanned 1890-1914 and features organic subject matter like plants with stems, leaves, and flowers that twist around each other.

My mom tried to convince me not to buy them, saying my taste would change over time, but it hasn’t yet! They are in my living room today.

I also have angel heads over the doorways or figurines sitting on shelves and tabletops. People started giving them to me as gifts, so they added up. But it’s nice to have them watching over me throughout my home.

AngelSpeake with Trudy Griswold

Trudy GriswoldIn the early 1990s, Trudy Griswold wrote a book with her sister Barbara Mark about talking angels. Angelspeake opened many up to the idea of communicating with angels and the sisters taught workshops on how to do this.

The book took off and was a bestseller back when there were no tricks to get that status on Amazon because it didn’t exist until 1995.

Trudy is from CT, which is where I live, and I met her back then through a friend. I invited her to speak to a meditation group of about 75 women. She did a great presentation and they were captivated by this idea of asking for and receiving help from the angelic realm. Who wouldn’t feel good about this?

My Angel Encounter

I can’t say I have had any direct contact myself except maybe one time when I was getting a Reiki session in a spa. While I was on the table with my eyes closed and the practitioner was working on me, I got the sense of a very large being hanging above the table.

It seemed to be about 8 feet tall – not totally sure because I wasn’t there with my yardstick. But it was a large male presence with a strong stance. It didn’t have much detail or color, so I’m not sure who it might have been. But people who have encountered Archangel Michael do say he has a large presence.

So, I’m thinking this was my encounter with an angel.

Angel Wealth Magic

Corin GrilloAnyway, since the 90s, I’ve done a lot of studying and had many new experiences, so over time I distracted from angels. Until earlier this year, when my friend Marla interviewed this woman on her podcast about her book Angel Wealth Magic.

Ok, that’s angels, magic, and wealth all in one title and I’m hooked!  I love what the author, Corin Grillo said during her interview. I cracked the book open and dove in to learn about the angels she recommends working with for the purpose of creating wealth.

Her list includes 12 archangels and 27 little known angels – certainly I have never ever heard of any of them. They have strange names that aren’t so easy to pronounce, but Corin provides phonetic spelling so you will know how to properly say them.

After all, when you call on the angel, you want the angel to know you’re calling them, right? Grillo explains each angel’s specialty, so you can zero in on who you want to work with.

Doreen Virtue’s book Archangels and Ascended Masters list 15 archangels. Maybe Corin weeded a few out who had nothing to offer those seeking wealth.

I immediately reconnected with the idea of working with angels. What I’m going to do in this episode is talk to you about the archangels, the next level angels, what they do and one method to get their help.

You can also look up other ways to communicate with the angels or fly by the seat of your pants and do it your way. Whatever makes you happy – go for it.

Ask for Help

Here’s something super important about working with angels. They cannot intercede on your behalf on their own. You need to ask for their help. If you want assistance from the angelic realm, be sure to request it!

Who couldn’t benefit from a little behind the scenes help? If that’s the only thing you get out of this podcast – then that’s fine with me. Just remember – you need to ask the angels for their help.

An Abundance of Angels

talking with the angelsNow I’ll introduce you to 12 the archangels and some other favorites.

Top 4 Archangels

Gabriel – Known as the messenger, is good for communication and parenting

Michael – Offers protection and clears negative emotions and fear-based thoughts

Raphael – Works as a healer on the physical, emotional, spiritual and soul level

Uriel – Offers mental clarity, bright ideas, insights and alchemy (transformation)

Other Archangels

  • Chamuel – Angel of peace, but also eliminates perfectionism and self-criticism
  • Jophiel – Shifts your thinking from negativity to seeing joy and possibilities
  • Metatron – Head of all angels and is a bridge between humanity and the divine
  • Raziel – Grand magician of all angels and Master of esoteric wisdom
  • Sandalphon – Gathers all prayers and helps with manifesting
  • Zaphkiel – Helps with setting strong boundaries, especially with time and energy
  • Zadkiel – Known for compassion, forgiveness, and seeing the divine light in others

Lesser Known Angels

  • Haniel – The angel of loving joy and inner happiness, connected with Venus and the full moon
  • Hayiel -Receive world-changing ideas and the audacity to execute them
  • Harachel – Helps you become more magnetic and make an impact with your talents
  • Lelahel – Brings good fortune with your projects and overall happiness
  • Hodahdiah – Helps you become a manifesting machine
  • Poiel – Open the road to good fortune and good financial luck
  • Sekeshiah – Fertilizes your inner wealth garden and stamp out fears
  • Vehuiah – see yourself as a leader and an innovator in your field
  • Veuliah – Angel of joy and abundance and attract wealth that comes from the heart

To find out how to work with the angels and get messages from them, you’ll have to listen to the podcast!

This is a photo of me with a gorgeous statue of Archangel Michael, ready with his sword.



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