How to Ask the Universe for a Sign

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How to Ask the Universe for a Sign

Are You Trying To Make A Big Decision?

A big decision is weighing on your mind. How do you normally handle this kind of thing?

Maybe you make a list of pros and cons or do a lot of research first. That’s smart. Some people are just decisive and choose quickly with confidence.

Too bad that’s not true for everyone. Others struggle, asking friends and colleagues for opinions, thinking into the night, and coming up empty.

The truth is, sometimes, no matter how much due diligence you do, you still aren’t sure which way to go. You simply can’t decide, but you also don’t want to think about it anymore. Arrgghh!

You might be faced with a decision on which applicant to hire, or what way to pivot in your business to keep up with changes in the marketplace.

Perhaps you are considering adding a new product or service or dealing with a personal decision that’s hanging over your head.

Somehow, you get caught up in all the stories and options. Thoughts go round and round and you don’t have the clarity you need.

You must choose wisely, and the pressure is on to make the right choice.

Are You Tired of Thinking And Thinking With No Result?

In my life, when I’ve faced big life and business decisions, I felt crazy with all the options. That kind of uncertainty led me absolutely nowhere.

If you struggle with making major decisions or knowing choice will lead to your highest good or the good of your business, I want to offer you a masterful and foolproof way to move forward.

The solution is to allow spirit to guide you and rely on your own intuition to ease this essential process. This is the only way to stop thinking about all those pros and cons and suffering with indecision.

Normally, I’m a very decisive person. Usually have no trouble knowing the right choice for me quickly.

However, there are times when emotions get in the way. That’s when I just can’t settle down to get clear.

Asking for a sign is extremely helpful when making big decisions. This is when you must choose wisely. The pressure is on to make the right choice.

But how?

Stop Torturing Yourself

One day, when I couldn’t take trying to make an important decision for one more minute, this amazing idea came to me that changed my life. I could ask the Universe for a sign!

Not sure why I didn’t think of this sooner, but I will tell you this, it worked like a charm! Every time I ask the Universe for a sign, I get an answer and the decision is made!

Sound good? You can do this too.

When You Just Need an Answer Now!

In this FREE audio program, I’m going to describe a super simple method to enlist the Universe for help! Tap into your own inner wisdom by soliciting a higher source. These instructions are so easy, anyone can use the technique.

Enter your name and email below, hit the button, and you’ll be redirected to the program page. Listen in and soon you’ll get a sign and feel the relief of having the decision making process behind you with an answer to your burning question. Ahhh, now isn’t that better!

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