Raise Your Vibration To Feel Happier With Magical Self-Care

If you want to feel happier, discover how to raise your vibration with these quick and easy methods I call magical self-care.

Update on My Spiritual Adventure

I want to update on my Spiritual Adventure because this is how I’ve come to the idea of Magical Self-Care.

Over the summer I took a Celtic Shamanism workshop and went on a journey where I met Merlin. That was a big surprise by itself.

Merlin let me know I was embarking on a spiritual adventure that had no destination, no map, no goal, and no guide. The point was to let go and see where it takes me. I like to plan and know where I’m going, so this kind of shook me up! It’s a control thing.

You can listen to the start of my spiritual adventure here.

Find Joy in the Present Moment

For me, this meant I needed to learn how to find joy in the moment and focus on now. Without a goal there is only now, right? Enjoying the present became my priority because that is what my adventure is about.

This is also true about life, even though we often make it about creating the future. I’d like to feel happier on a daily basis, so this journey is aligned with that desire.

Working with a somatic coach, I created a gesture I call the Sunflower Pose. I stand straight, chin lifted a bit, the spread my arms out wide to the side with palms up. As I do this I say, “I open to the divine flow of creativity, abundance, and joy.”

Hear more about my Somatic experience with Jen Aks in this episode.

Doing this always brings a smile to my face immediately. It’s an automatic reaction every time. I love it! What a wonderful and empowering way to set my intention for the day.

A Fear of Happiness

As the journey continued, I discovered I have a fear of happiness. I worried that if I allowed myself to be happy, then something bad would happen.

For example, after I got married, which had been a major goal for so long, I was constantly looking over my shoulder. I had this crazy idea that the other shoe would drop. That put me on pins and needles for months. Thankfully, 20 years later, we are still going strong!

Recently, that fear of happiness showed up again in the middle of another somatic session. But something new occurred.

I heard a strong voice – one I’ve heard before in my life with unsolicited, important guidance. This is not a voice I ever conjure up by asking. But this emphatic guidance shows up sometimes when I need it most.

The inner voice said, “You have both feet on the ground. There is no other shoe.” Wow, that sort of blew me away! That statement dragged me out of my future fears and planted me firmly in the present. Everything is OK right now.

This is evidence that I am improving! I didn’t wrestle with the fear and let it over take me as usual. Instead, I stopped that old pattern, which is very exciting to me.

Big Awakening

Then, I had a big awakening over the holidays that helped me see what my true values are today and how I measure my success, which is living a magical life. I don’t measure it by my job, or possessions, or travel, but by the magical moments I experience. That was a revelation.

Magical moments include talking to my basil plants. Also having two little orange moths sit on my arm and do a synchronized dance. And let’s not forget connecting with Merlin.

Hear more about my basil plants and moth dance at the start of this episode.

I talked to the fire element on the Summer Solstice – that was unique and exciting! I have been doing more things that I enjoy. This is what matters most to me now.

How to Raise Your Vibration

After Christmas, I got together with my friend, Carrie, and we always do intuitive work. We both wanted to know how to raise our vibration and keep it there longer.

We got a similar answer about creating a ritual to do twice a day. It takes just a minute really and I have been definitely seeing a difference. (I’ll share the specifics in the next episode about magical Self-Care.)

In fact, I had this crazy idea moving into 2024 – what if my life became so magical that I couldn’t even keep track and write it all down anymore?

I’m not usually that optimistic, so that was another shocker. It’s also another piece of evidence that I am, in fact, raising my vibration to even have such an expansive thought! Wahoo!

Raising your vibration is not rocket science and much of it is not original. But this stuff is working for me, so I want to share it with you.

Are You Ready to Feel Happier?

The question is, are you ready to feel happier and raise your vibration? Are you ready to experience more magic in your life? I sure hope you are.

I’m going to share a bunch of ways to raise your vibration but I don’t want you to get overwhelmed. Today I’m just going to share five and hopefully something in here will work for you.

Maybe you already do some of these things daily. A little reminder is always good. These activities are magical because they help you reconnect with your true self, your higher self and spirit itself.

Magical Self-Care

magical self-care1. Clear Your Energy Field.

There are lots of different ways to clear your field and when you do, you are automatically a higher vibration! The more you clear your field, the higher your vibe can go.

  • Smudge or use Palo Santo wood to clear your body, office, and home
  • Essential oils like doTerra’s Purify – breathe it in and clear your field
  • Epsom salt baths and treat yourself to something like coconut or lemon
  • Walk in the rain or near running water to clear positive ions
  • Have a Reiki session or try my Soul Intelligence clearing session
  • Clear your chakras – the options are endless!

2. Three Chants to Raise Your Vibration

I love chanting as a way to raise your vibration. This uses your vocal cords, since your body is made of mostly water (some say more than 70%), the sound from chanting affects the vibe of all that liquid! Here are my three faves:

3. Dancing and Movement

Some people love to move and express themselves through dance. Moving your body definitely can raise your vibration because it moves the energy! Whenever your express yourself and feel happy, you are automatically lifting your vibe.

If you like to dance, this is a surefire way to go!

4. Immerse Yourself in Beauty

Beauty itself is a higher vibration. Let’s start with color. Colors each have their own vibration which is a reason to intentionally choose the colors you wear. This is also true about your environment and how you decorate.

Beauty is also about balancing energy. Have beautiful things around you and treat yourself well. Everyone is different but you might enjoy jewelry, makeup clothing, hair, beautiful accessories for your home, furnishings, carpets, artwork and more.

If you feel good in your body, clothing, and environment, you’ll feel happier. What a great way to raise your vibration!

5. Do Something Creative

When you work on a creative project, you are no longer stuck in your head. You’ll be in the present moment using your creative energy, which is an incredible source of joy.

Maybe you sing, write songs, play the guitar, paint, art journal, make jewelry, arrange flowers, knit or crochet. These are all wonderful ways to play, have fun, and be in creative energy which absolutely will raise your vibration!

All of these options are Magical Self-Care. You can pick one or do a bunch. Set time aside or do them while you are doing something else. I hope you use some of these methods and I’ll be sharing five more in another episode soon.

Let Me Know What You Choose

I’d love to hear about your experiences with magical Self-Care. You can DM me on Instagram @RonnieAnnRyan or share something in the comment section below this blog. Can’t wait to hear what ways you raise your vibration!

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