Do You Want to Manifest Your Dreams,
But Never Seem To Get To It?

You are not alone! Often this is one of those things on your to-do list that becomes a “nice-to-do” option, instead of the priority it should be. You get busy, and life gets in the way.

At the end of the day, you could sit down and write your affirmations or use another method, but then you just feel too tired and prefer to relax.

Or maybe you do affirmations or visualizations, but you just don’t get to it consistently. And even though you know manifesting works better when it’s top of mind and you work the system, you often let it slip by. You’re human!

Time Sure Flies

As a result, days turn into weeks and months, and everything is still the same! Your life is status quo with none of your hopes and dreams coming true because you didn’t put the time into making things happen.

Manifesting any goal takes time, repetition, and consistency. Many experts say this is a daily activity, but that doesn’t fit into everyone’s life. Since you never know how long it will take to produce results, you have to keep at it until you attract what you want.

But now, it’s 2021! Where does the time go? 

So, if you are ready to get started or become more consistent for better results, this group is for you!

Finally, Manifest in a Fun, Group Setting!

Regardless of what you want to manifest and draw into your life, from money, to love to establishing a new business, getting a new job, better health, or a new home, the method is the same.

It requires consistent effort as well as your attention and focus. That’s exactly what you’ll get from this innovative and supportive group! Plus, you’ll have the accountability needed, which can give you the gentle nudge to follow through on this promise to yourself.

Group Energy Fosters Faster Transformation

Research has shown that spiritual development and personal growth are fostered more quickly when participating in a group. There’s something special about group energy that is so transformative for everyone involved.

Join other like-minded women in a sacred space who are open to manifesting their dreams in this empowering, monthly program that is so simple. You are going to LOVE it.

Here’s What Sacia Says About The Program

“Ronnie’s Manifesting Power Hour is pure magic. Ronnie is a great mentor/guide/leader, and the group dynamic helps strengthen your manifesting abilities. (I saw immediate results. It was incredible!) As a bonus, we send each other positive energy at the end of each session, and I feel the good vibes and get goosebumps every time we do it. There is power in numbers, and with this fantastic group of women, I feel like anything is possible. I hope to see more faces soon!”

How Does It Work?

We will:

  • Gather on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday nights of each month from 8-9 pm ET on Zoom
  • Enjoy a brief meditation to get centered and aligned with your goal
  • Use one of four manifesting methods for the majority of the session
  • Debrief about your experience and your feelings about it
  • Set intentions for the week
  • Manifesting is done!

What’s Included?

  • 2 one-hour programs a month
  • Audio recordings of session in case you miss one
  • Centering meditations
  • Details about what is impacting the energy, moons, etc.
  • Learning and applying various manifesting methods
  • Group energy boost and blessing

Plus, Valuable Bonuses!

I want to ensure that you have what you need to manifest your dreams. Going it alone can certainly work, no question about it.

But if you are serious about creating the life you want, getting support, cosmic insights, and expert advice will make ALL the difference in achieving success.

And experts agree, group energy can propel you farther faster than ever working solo.

That’s why I am going to make myself available so you can get your manifesting questions answered in a group coaching setting!

So, here are two valuable bonuses that make this program practically irresistible!

1) Group Coaching

Call in to ask a question on the 2nd Tuesday of the month from 8-9 pm ET (GMT-4). Group coaching helps you feel connected to the community, provides the answers you need, and offers added support.

Women often find groups like this inspiring as you discover you are not alone in your situation, or experiences. This is even more true during social distancing. ($297 value).

program graphic to build self love and confidence

2) Time to Shine Program

This program is packed with 31 simple, daily exercises to build self-love and confidence, so the light of your true self shines! Feeling good about yourself is foundational for any successful manifesting endeavor. ($97 value).

An Irresistible Value

When you add up the total value of this program, it’s a no brainer compared to private coaching. Three hours a month with me, plus weekly manifesting tip emails, recordings, all the empowering manifesting methods, and meditations are worth over $1,195 a month! 

However, I want to make this program as accessible as possible, which is why I have kept this very affordable.

Now you can join this monthly group for only $79/month. Of course, you can stop any time after the first 30 days, but you won’t want to!

Women Love My Programs!

“Ronnie’s program has been so inspiring! It gave me a boost, filled with great dating wisdom. And the emails kept me motivated to get out and meet men. I especially enjoyed the flirting tips – so helpful! If you want guidance to start dating, I recommend this quality program.” –Sue, New York


“Ronnie, a big fan of your good work for years, I’ve attended a couple of your workshops which have been so helpful. You have given me strength and confidence for this world…Thank you for all your advice, reassurance, guidance, and supportive words. You’re the best!” –Ruth, Ohio


“Your program helped me so much I cannot tell you. The tips and mindset ideas are wonderful, and I really started to open up. Great do’s and don’ts too! I feel so much more ready now and am taking the needed steps. I think about your words often and hear you in my head sometimes guiding me – lol. Thank you!” –Sherry, Connecticut

When it comes to manifesting, the sooner you get started, the sooner you can attract what you want. What are you waiting for?

Join this powerful program to leverage the group energy to amp up your manifesting ability like nothing else can. Sign up now!