The Magic of Nature Spirits, Elementals, and Plant Devas

This episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast is about the fascinating practice of connecting with Nature Spirits and Plant Devas. It always thrills me when I have a conversation with these earth-based spirits, even though I’ve been doing this for years.

Discover what happened when I invited the Elementals in my own yard to show themselves, what I learned when my pole beans didn’t flower, and a few tree encounters that were totally surprising. Nature Spirits have so much wisdom to share and can help you clear your energy and lift your spirit.

I also mention several books I’ve read including Agartha, a Journey to the Stars, The Findhorn Garden, Summer with the Leprechauns, and The Elves of Lily Hill Farm.

Learning about Nature Spirits

the magic of nature spirits and elemental beingsMy first exposure to the idea of nature spirits was through a wild, out-there book I read many years ago called Agartha – Journey to the Stars by Meredith Lady Young-Sowers.

In the book, Meredith shares her experiences talking to angelic spirts about a range of mystical topics including nature spirits and plant devas. I was a little familiar with nature spirits from Disney movies and cartoons, But had never heard of devas and had no idea what that was.

When I first saw the Agartha book, it was open and upside down on the floor of my friend, Tammy’s, living room. I was sleeping on her couch but woke up and couldn’t fall back to sleep. That’s when I noticed the book, picked it up, and started reading the page that was open.

Even though it was years ago, I still remember what I read that night. Meredith had planted peas in her garden, but never tied the plants up. Normally, pea plants need support and something to climb on like a trellis.

As a result, the peas felt unsupported and weren’t happy about it. Believe it or not, the peas started talking to Meredith in a mediation. It was the head of all peas – a spirit called a deva, who explained her upset with not being properly supported.

The pea deva shared her dizzy feeling with Meredith, so she could experience what it felt like firsthand! This was unpleasant for Meredith, so she went out to the garden and tied them up so they felt supported.

The Findhorn Garden

This was my introduction to devas and plant spirts. Wow! I was fascinated and highly intrigued. I got my own copy the following day. Next, I read several books about the Findhorn Garden in Scotland. Have you heard about this place?

Back in 1962, three adults who had worked together at a hotel got laid off. They had nowhere to go since they had lived in the hotel, so they moved into a trailer on the sandy shores of Scotland, certainly not known for its rich soil.

Nevertheless, they had to eat. Luckily, they were spiritually active, and were guided to find solutions through unusual means. This was an enormous growth experience and how the Findhorn Garden came to be.

Guided by the spirit world, they began talking to nature spirits or elemental beings, as well as over-lighting angels of the land. They started to manifest what they needed and would find tools and wood laying by the side of the road.

This is also how they learned to enrich the soil and rely on the elementals to create a garden that fed them well, using only natural methods. As things progressed and the years passed, they became world-renown for their fabulous garden and harvesting an outrageous bounty with vegetables like 40 lb. cabbages!

Elves and Leprechauns

fairies ands nature spirits do existI read many more books like the The Elves of Lily Hill Farm and Summer with the Leprechauns, continuing my learning about the elementals.

Then I moved into a townhouse condo and was excited to have a small landing outside my front door where I could fill pots with flowers.

I went plant shopping with my friend, Dawn, and was drawn to the dahlias. She knew a little about gardening, so we bought plants, potting soil, tools and fertilizer.

Once home, as I started to pot the dahlias, I was so surprised when they spoke to me. I heard, “I’m going to grow really big!” conveyed with a happy, excited feeling in a high pitched voice. I was shocked!

Never before had a plant spoken to me, so I was completely thrown off. We talked more over the summer and they occasionally told me if they needed something like water or fertilizer. They were always happy, making this a wonderful experience.

Nature Spirits and Elf Foot Prints

When I married in the year 2000, my husband and I bought a home that already had beautiful landscaping, but I wanted more flowers. One summer afternoon, I was on my knees digging in the dirt when something caught my attention.

I had a sensation or inkling and turned to see a single small footprint depress the grass. One perfect little footprint about 3 inches long appeared before my eyes!

The blades of grass sunk into this shape effortlessly. Then they slowly popped back to their original state, standing straight like nothing had happened.

But, I had seen it with my own two eyes and was taken with the idea of little elves in my yard.

The next year we decided to plant a vegetable garden in the backyard. My husband built raised beds and filled them soil. We started composting and planted lots of tomatoes, lettuce, green beans, peppers, pumpkins and more. The garden flourished.

The Green Bean Deva

The green bean deva and elemental beingsI often sat in the garden to feel the energy and tried to communicate with the nature spirits. Sometimes I heard things and other times nothing came. Then, one year the green bean plants were growing like crazy, but they had no flowers, which meant they weren’t going to produce any beans.

I sat near the bean plants to meditate and asked what they needed. What I heard surprised me. They clearly asked for ashes from a fire to be spread around them. I thanked the plant spirits and went into the house to Google why bean plants might not flower.

Apparently, too much fertilizer can keep flowers from blooming and ashes are recommended because they neutralize the over-abundance of nitrogen in the soil!

The bean plants started producing flowers and then beans a few weeks later. I was thrilled to have had help from the plant world!

I wasn’t sure who shared the solution – the bean plants themselves, the bean deva, or some other nature spirits? It didn’t matter because the solution worked! To me that was really magical.

Meeting the Elemental Beings in My Yard

The next summer I felt brave and decided I was ready to meet the elementals in my yard. Behind the garden was wild land that was part of the town’s open space.

I had been told my backyard was filled with nature spirits, elemental beings, and fairies and I was excited to communicate with them.

From the books I read, it seemed like everyone was talking to Pan, the God of shepherds and the mountains according to Greek mythology. He is also in charge of the elementals, elves, fairies, etc.

To connect, I stood in my yard near the garden, facing the open space behind it. I called to Pan and the nature spirits, told them I was ready to communicate, and asked them to show themselves.

This was a good lesson in being careful what you ask for. My eyes were wide open and I could see (in my mind’s eye) a multitude of beings emerging between the tall grasses and plants in the wildness behind the garden.

It’s giving me chills now remembering the vision. There were so many! What shocked me most was they were not all pretty or attractive to me.

Fairies, Elves and the Movies

fairies, elves, and moviesWhen I think of fairies and elves, I think of cute, attractive and delightful beings from Disney cartoons and Victorian era art. Even the elves from the Lord of the Rings movies were stately, graceful and beautiful.

That is not exactly what I saw. Many were strange looking and not pleasing to me at all. Since they didn’t fit with my imagination, I became fearful. Plus, the sheer number of beings was astonishing and overwhelming.

Pan was in the center leading them out and I completely freaked out. I apologized and yelled, “No, I’m sorry I’m not ready.” Instantly they withdrew.

I was so sad I had gotten that flipped out. They were not threatening me – they just weren’t what I expected. My preconceived ideas from the movies and fantasy interfered with what could have been an amazing experience. Hey I’m human – its OK.

Connecting with Pan

Pan Greek God over the Elemental BeingsThe next year I decided to try again, but asked to speak with only one elemental or deva at a time. I also made an effort to communicate with Pan. He has appeared to many authors, so it seemed reasonable I could speak with him too. We have connected from time to time.

Now, I have settled into a practice of saying hello to the plants as I enter the garden. I speak to them by name, so each group of plants gets attention. I tune in to feel their energy which is always expansive, high vibe, and delightful.

Then I say a little prayer to connect, communicate, cultivate, and collaborate with them in the garden.

When I remember (which I am trying to do every time) I ask for permission before I do anything. Is it okay to pull weeds, trim back flowers on the basil, or harvest produce?

I remind the weed devas they have plenty of room along the edges of the yard and in the wild space to grow to their heart’s content. They need to give the produce space to grow freely rather than crowding them.

The past few years I decided to grow flowers too and planted wild-flower seeds, giant zinnias, and sunflowers. When I enter the garden and see their colorful flower heads facing the sun, they seem so happy.

Communicating with Animal Spirits

One year we had a problem with small animals digging underneath the fencing and eating through the garden. I found this troubling and asked Pan what to do. He suggested I speak directly to the animal kingdom and the spirit of the rodents, so I gave it a try.

Let’s just say they weren’t so friendly. I asked how we might co-exist in the garden, but they didn’t seem open to any sort of cooperation. I asked the elementals to please help me to protect the plants and I agreed to share the bounty.

The situation did calm down and their digging and eating slowed for sure and the next year was much better. This is one way to work with the nature spirits.

Talking with Trees and Fairies

can you talk to the treesI’ve had other experiences talking to the plant kingdom communicating with trees. I’m not what you’d call a tree hugger, but trees do have strong energy and communicate easily.

When I was in Ireland, we went to the Blarney Castle where massive trees grew that must have been several hundred years old. My husband and I placed our hands on one, which had vibrant, powerful energy. Old trees have great vibes.

There was also an area called the fairy garden. I only had 3 minutes to sit and tune in but the minute I closed my eyes with that intention, the fairies appeared in my mind’s eye, buzzing around my face.

I could practically feel their little wings fluttering, and their joy and excitement that I visited with them. That was fun!

Even Tree Stumps Emit Energy

Near our home, on one of our walking routes, there was a massive tree that had been lifting the sidewalk for years, creating a dangerous problem. We loved that tree.

One day my husband and I walked by to discover they had cut the enormous maple down! We were heart-broken to see the demise of such an old tree that felt like a friend.

A very big stump remained and I felt guided to step up on it. How surprised was I to discover the energy was still strong emanating from the stump? I asked my husband to step up and he felt it too.

We thanked the tree for all it offered and told it how much we missed and appreciated it.

Nature Spirits Are Real

They have wisdom and feelings. If you want to develop a relationship with the living things in your yard or in a nearby park, start by acknowledging them like they are real beings. Because they are of course!

Simply say hello to them by name. Hello maple tree. Hello tulips – I love your bright cheery colors. Hello lush thick green grass – you are so abundant and feel earthy and cushioning to walk on.

Make it up as you walk and talk to the life growing all around you.

When you rake leaves, thank the trees for shading your yard and blessing you with their beauty. If you cut flowers to bring inside, ask permission to cut and move them indoors. Thank them for their beauty and being a great offering to the local bees, butterflies, and birds.

The more you behave like plants are sentient beings, the more likely they will respond to you. Showing them respect and honoring their presence helps you live together in peace and harmony.

Connecting with them offers other benefit as well. Tuning into the living vibration of nature spirits and the plant kingdom will elevate your frequency as well. Set an intention to open yourself to these wonders, which until now may have been beyond your reach.

Opening this pathway of communication is a way to discover that everything is connected, and we really are all one.

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