Meet Lynn Robinson, Author Of Put Your Intuition To Work

Meet Lynn Robinson, bestselling author of Put Your Intuition to Work and popular speaker on the hot topic of intuition. She tells people how to tap into the power of their own inner GPS.

Put Your Intuition to Work

Lynn RobinsonI just finished Lynn’s newest book and totally loved it. It was jam-packed with so many amazing and simple examples of how to use your intuition on the job or your personal life.

Lynn’s whole business was launched by her intuition. She was working at an IT company near Boston and knew she didn’t want to do this “When she grew up,” LOL.

She was working with a coach and longed to be self-employed, wanted to do something with counseling people, and was fascinated by intuition and spirituality. Her coach was the one who got her started using the Law of Attraction, visualizing, and writing down her wishes.

Following Her Intuition

Then, a friend passed away and she went to his funeral. Have you ever had a situation when you intend to do one thing, but do another? She intended to sit near a friend. But the internal voice directed her to sit next to someone she didn’t know.

She wondered what that suggestion was all about. But then when the service was over, they started chatting and the woman asked what she did for a living.

Instead of talking about the software company, Lynn mentioned her idea of starting an intuitive business. Turns out the woman was a writer for the Boston Globe and wanted a reading!

Hear more about developing intuition in this episode

Intuition Launched Lynn’s Business

put your intuition to workYes, she wrote an article about Lynn Robinson, and that totally launched her new career as she got 500 clients booked from that one article! Can you imagine?

Lynn says your intuition can show up through an inner voice, a gut feeling, or a knowing about something. So, walking into the funeral service, she just knew she had to sit next to that woman.

A couple of things make this quite powerful:

  1. She heard something intuitively
  2. She acted on the message!

Intuition is a skill, so the more you use it and work it, the better you get at it. With time, your intuition may develop other qualities like a sense of calm or a directness of the suggestions.

Different Ways People Receive Messages

Then, Lynn Robinson asked me how intuition comes to me. I told my own story about hearing intuition and following through. You can listen to the whole story in the podcast but, here’s bottom line.

A candle fell out of the holder and was lying on it’s side charring my dining room table because I ignored the intuition I heard! Lesson learned!

We don’t all get intuition the same way – there are many ways that it can come to you including as a voice, a sense, a feeling in your body, or an image in your mind.

Here’s one way Lynn suggests to start to trust to your intuition for decision making. If you feel excited, interested compelled, that’s a good sign and worth following. However, if something brings you down, that’s more of a warning to move away from that option.

Don’t Talk Yourself Out Of It

Is it fear or intuitionOften people talk themselves out of following their intuition, thinking they are protecting themselves. But intuition will help you move out of your comfort zone, so while it may feel risky, it truly is good guidance.

I also asked my guest, “How do you know if the message is one of fear or intuition? Lynn’s response was so obvious – why didn’t I think of it – ask! Ask yourself what is the source of the information? Is this fear or is it a warning? Great advice!

Lynn Robinson likes to do intuitive readings for entrepreneurs. She has found that many are actively using their intuition, even if they aren’t aware of it or calling it that. They often keep pen and paper near by to jot down thoughts as they come in.

For example, while interviewing potential new hires, note down the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, if they’d get along with the team, and if hiring them will work out.

We have much more knowledge within than we may be aware of.

Learn more about your inner wisdom

Fear Can Get in the Way

Gavin De Becker wrote The Gift of Fear which is a book about trusting your intuition. Lynn ascribes to the philosophy of, “Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

She admitted she was terribly scared at first, when clients started coming to her and she had to deal with imposter syndrome. But your intuition helps you grow, which is why sometimes it’s good to get out of your comfort zone.

I’ve been doing readings for over 30 years like Lynn, and on occasion I also still question myself. It’s natural. But when doing readings, you have to say what you get.

The only time you might not is if the message is something horrifying and then you want to soften it a bit. In general though, editing stops the flow of information and is not advised.

Be Open With Your Reader

We both admitted that we really dislike when people play, “Test the psychic.” They won’t share anything, provide any reaction, or their body language is guarded. The truth is, the more open you are with the your reader, the better your reading will be.  That’s how you get your money’s worth!

This is not to suggest that you should share lots of information before the reading – not at all. But you can say you agree, or what you find to be interesting, or how that has meaning for you. Or, that the information doesn’t resonate.

What you are actually doing by asking a question or providing feedback is helping to open the energy exchange, which allows your reader can go deeper.

Lynn made a prediction that I just loved! Think about how the coaching industry was just 10 years ago compared to now when many business have coaches on staff or hire on retainer. She feels the same thing will happen with professional intuitives!

Star Trek Was Onto Something

Deanna Troi, Star Trek's Intuitive AdvisorThen we laughed about the intuitive advisor on Star Trek’s the Next Generation, Deanna Troi. Today, many of the tried and true methods of doing business are no longer working. That’s why listening to your gut or getting intuitive advice can help or build confidence about a decision you’ve made.

More Insights & Suggestions

  • Lynn  Robinson told a great story about getting the winning lottery numbers for a drawing that was $5.2 million
  • Permit yourself to explore when making a big decision and find out why this matters
  • Small steps are very important to build your skills (we discussed Kaizen, a Japanese management method)
  • How to manage your fear about change
  • Why getting a reading can be extremely affirming

Lynn has a bunch of entertaining quizzes on her website so make sure you visit and enjoy the fun!

Bio – Lynn Robinson

Intuitive ConsultantLynn Robinson is a bestselling author and popular speaker on the hot topic of intuition. She talks about how to tap into the power of your own “Inner GPS.” Her consulting clients consistently praise her uncanny intuitive insights as “spot on” resulting in increased personal clarity, creative solutions and overall business success.

Her latest book is Put Your Intuition to Work (Weiser). She’s also the author of Divine Intuition: Your Inner Guide to Purpose, Peace and Prosperity

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