Law Of Attraction – Money With Manifesting Coach Cassie Parks

Working with the Law of Attraction for money? In this week’s episode, my guest Cassie Parks, manifesting coach, talks about how she has helped clients attract $10,000+ for many years.

Cassie’s First Manifesting Success!

Cassie Parks Master ManifestorI asked Cassie how she got started on this wild ride. Her story started in 8th grade, when she was in a fundraiser contest at school that required her to sell five things on the first day to get her name in the $20 drawing.

Before going to sleep, she pictured herself sitting in her seat at school, hearing her name called, walking down the stairs ands getting her $20. The next day, she was the 3rd name called and won $20!

While this was a great start, she still had a lot to learn.

There’s More to LOA Than Believing

Cassie truly believes you can create whatever you want and the mind is very powerful. She was interested in psychology or being a counselor. Then in her early to mid 20s, she believed in the Law of Attraction (money), but she thought that was all it took.

This meant she was pushing and howling and it was not working at all. Then the clouds cleared and she finally realized what it took to let go, allow, and enjoy life along the way instead of pushing that thing to manifest.

Finally, success came! Cassie manifested her financial freedom with enough passive income to quit her job. That’s when she started to build her coaching practice which she had been longing to do for a while.

She wrote a money manifesting course six months before leaving her job and launched it six months after leaving. Over 200 people took her program and she created a five-figure launch. In the past, Cassie had only made two sales, so this was quite an accomplishment.

This became the basis for what people came to her to learn about. Next she expanded to the next level, working with the future self.

I mentioned how in coaching school we also did work with the future self. I was in. It was such an exciting concept.

The Magic of Law of Attraction – Money

law of attraction moneyWhat was the magic that turned things around for her, helped her quit her job and launch her coaching practice?

Cassie pointed to two important things:

1. Looking at her money story. – She had to shift and write a new money story. That required thinking about what she really wanted and stepping into it. She focused on how to move into that more every day.

2. Working with scripting. – When she first quit her job, she knew what it felt like to have a little bit of success as a coach, getting to about $1,000 a month, however she hoped for so much more. Cassie also knew what it was like to create products that no one bought. (Me too!)

Lacking the experience of what it felt like to have clients achieving great success or being a coach who was making money was a hinderance. So, before she wrote the money course, she scripted every day about what it felt like to be a successful coach and have successful clients.

Cassie stepped into these roles and created it in her mind first, to give herself the experience. Getting into that future energy was exciting and exhilarating.

What Sets Cassie Apart?

I asked Cassie what sets her apart as a manifesting coach from the crowd working with the Law of attraction. She responded her approach is practical, easy, and fun.

When most people come to her, they’ve already listened to a bunch of other Law of Attraction coaches and have this long list of things they think they should be doing which is exhausting.

Scripting and Evidence Journaling

law of attraction for moneyInstead, Cassie suggests 20-minutes of scripting a day and then pay attention to the stories you tell yourself, what thoughts come to mind, and the choices you make.

She does very practical, easy, fun methods and has created assignments in her program that build trust, help you set intentions, and let them go. Then some days you’ll do nothing, so you can have fun along the way.

Counting the evidence and the signs that what you want to manifest is happening is essential. She has clients keep an “It’s Happening List,” so you can’t discount your progress or success.

On the other hand, when you hate the process because it’s too hard or complicated or you can’t get it all done, you end up having bad feelings about yourself. You start to question the validity of the Law of Attraction (money).

That’s just not productive! With Cassie, she keeps it simple and fun.

I Found Love with LOA

I talked about how I used the Law of Attraction most successfully to find my husband, Paul. We’ve been married now for 22 years – yay! My method was to write affirmations, that became poems, that turned into chants or songs which I sang all the time.

I didn’t have to carve time out specifically for this. I sang my songs while driving, taking a walk, doing the dishes or in the shower. I did the manifesting while doing other things.

I found the songs highly uplifting and always felt happy afterwards. This raised my vibration and put me in the energy of matching my heart’s desire to find the right romantic life partner. That’s the Law of Attraction in action!

Pay After Manifesting

manifesting coachCassie actually has a very unusual way to offer her program. She allows you to sign up and pay at the end. Isn’t that cool?

You pay based on your success, with 10% of whatever money you manifested during the time in her program. There’s no excuse this way- you just have to do the work!

One of Cassie’s pet peeves is people who think change should happen instantly. You can see some results quickly. But imagine trying to change the direction of a large cruise ship – it can’t turn on a dime, right?

That is in essence of what some people expect and doesn’t work.

Another problem can be distraction, also called Shiny Object Syndrome. There is always something new to chase. When it comes to personal development, the choices are endless, but you have to pick one and stay the course. Keep going and don’t give up.

Money Stories

what's your money storyAfter interviewing her clients over a few years, Cassie discovered a number of prevalent money stories. These are the stories people tell themselves about their relationship with money. See if one of these fits.

  • Survival (There’s never enough – you are just surviving.)
  • Money Chasing (You spend money on everything to make money.)
  • Money Hot Mess (You have money, but nothing to show for it.)
  • Just Enough (You have enough to cover expenses but can’t save.)
  • Hold Tight (You hold on tightly and deny yourself to save pennies.)

Sometimes these stories match your parents’ money stories or can be the opposite, as you try to break free of how you grew up around money. To hear more about money stories, listen to the podcast with the player at the top of the page – its wonderful.

BIO – Cassie Parks, Manifesting Coach

manifesting coachCassie is the fairy godmother for people who struggle to manifest more than parking spaces. Through her positive reality podcast, books, and online coaching program, she shakes up your approach to using the law of attraction (money) while making it all feel easy, practical, and of course fun.

Her insights have been featured on Colorado’s best, in the Huffington Post, and on one of the most downloaded episodes of Primal Blueprint. She could make an episode on any of these, or any other ideas you have that your audience would find interesting.

She’s the author of several books including Manifest $10,000, Double Your Business, and Marketing to Serve. Cassie also wrote a three book series on the Champagne Life, plus a couple of novellas! Here’s her Amazon author page.

When she’s not teaching people how to attract more money, you can find her in the pool, having a dance party with my favorite kiddos, concocting powerful female leads for her novellas, and occasionally sipping on her favorite chocolate cake champagne cocktail.

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