Tap Into Your Sacred Power

Tap Into Your Sacred Power
Group Coaching Program

Learn to use and trust your intuition like old world sages

You’ve taken personal development or spiritual courses to find out about mindset, manifesting, Reiki, intuition, or the Akashic Records.

And, you started applying what you’ve learned – Yay! But, you still have questions or encounter road blocks and wish you could rely more on your own inner wisdom.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could apply this ancient wisdom to modern day living and feel confident the way old world sages relied on their visions?

How much faster could you achieve your goals if you didn’t feel stuck, lost, or doubt yourself?

If you are reading this, it’s no coincidence. You are drawn to connect with your inner knowing. The time has come to tap into your sacred power and honor it.

You are ready to hone your skills, so you can accomplish your business and life goals and manifest your desires. Everyone is intuitive, but not everyone learns how to use it well.

In this small group (10 women max), we’ll create a sacred space where you’ll learn to access your inner wisdom and trust your gut. Group work amplifies the energy for everyone to speed your growth faster than working alone.

You’ll also receive guidance and mentoring from a long-time, experienced Intuitive Reader as part of the circle.

This circle is a safe place to bring your questions about your life, personal development, spiritual growth, energy clearing, manifesting, and more.

What you’ll experience during the zoom circle:

  • Learn simple tools to develop and deepen your intuition
  • Activate and open your third eye
  • Clarify your situation or concerns 
  • Get messages from spirit – your guides, angels, & light beings
  • Connect with your inner wisdom through meditations
  • Practice, hone your skills, and learn to trust yourself
  • Identify and release blocks
  • Clear your energy and raise your frequency
  • Set clear intentions
  • Manifest your dreams and so much more!

Open to your inner wisdom and create new possibilites

This mastermind-like circle is going to be amazing! Everything can be addressed in this sacred and safe setting:

  • Improve life balance
  • Learn to trust yourself and your gut
  • Build relationships with your guides & angels
  • Boost self-awareness
  • Enhance your relationships
  • Start a new business
  • Find more joy
  • Commune with nature spirits
  • Grow your business/advance in your career
  • Make new friends

Group work accelerates your results. It’s SO powerful!

Circle Details:

Meeting Days: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month

Time: 11 am ET, Starts April 12th! Sessions will be 60-75 minutes depending on the number of participants.

Office Hours: 1st Thursday of the month – call in for a 10-minute laser coaching session from 9-11:30am ET

Commitment: Three months to start, then stay as long as you like!

Conducted via: Zoom

3 Valuable Bonuses:

  1. A quarterly personal oracle card reading – $47 value
  2. Free admission to any Solstice or Equinox Events via zoom while in the program – $37 value
  3. Additional recordings or books as they become available

What members of my other groups say…

“Ronnie’s insights are so spot on! She looked at my situation and pulled everything together to help me see my next step in business and the direction I’ve been wanting to go, but just couldn’t see it myself.”  –Barbara

“I was struggling with old patterns I thought I had conquered and didn’t even realize it. When Ronnie started asking me her astute questions, the light bulb went on. I let go of that old stuff and shifted my energy to be productive again!”  –Sally

The Benefits of Group Work

Over the years, I have lead many masterminds and groups and the gift of group work is profound, as you can learn more and grow faster. Group learning accelerates growth for each individual! With consistency, the energy builds exponentially over time.

You benefit from the experiences and learning of others and exposure to a wider range of concepts and methods.

Sign Up Now and Save!

Sign up by May 10th and join for just $111/month with a three month commitment to start and continue if you like, at the same low price .

If you join after May 10th, the price goes up to $155/month.

Join in the fun and magic of this empowering group!

More Praise

“Ronnie helped me untangle a complicated situation to see that there were really three different things happening at the same time. One by one, she addressed them and helped me get clear on what to do. Now everything is flowing! Her skills are uncanny.”  –Tacia

Why wait? Join now and benefit from the guidance and improve your own inner wisdom. You deserve the live you dream of. This is the way to get and stay on the path for your highest good.

Join in the fun and magic of this empowering group!

See you in the circle!