Raise Your Vibration To Feel Happier With Magical Self-Care

If you want to feel happier, discover how to raise your vibration with these quick and easy methods I call magical self-care. Update on My Spiritual Adventure I want to update on my Spiritual Adventure because this is how I’ve come to the idea of Magical Self-Care. Over the summer I took a Celtic Shamanism … Read more

Changing The Timeline Of Ancient History, Atlantis & More

portal to ascension

Neil Gaur talks about evidence for changing the timeline of ancient history, including Atlantis, Lemuria, and ancient Egypt. Portal to Ascension I started the interview by asking how he got started with the Portal to Ascension and running conferences about metaphysical topics and ancient history. Neil explained that he was raised Hindu in California. He … Read more

Venus Shares The Inside Scoop On Love Spells & Modern Love

the best love spell

Ever wish you had a great love spell without any bad karma that could help you attract the romantic partner you’ve been dreaming of? In this podcast episode, you’ll hear about the best love spell ever, plus a lot more on modern love and Tarot. First of all, she wasn’t born with the name Venus. … Read more

Manifestation Magic With Postcards To The Universe

melisa caprio

Ready for some manifestation magic? My guest on this week’s Breathe Love & Magic podcast is all about creating wish postcards and sending them to the Universe. Meet Melisa Caprio! What Got Melisa Started with Postcards? I started the conversation with Melisa by talking about art journaling, one of my latest passions and creative outlets. … Read more