Do Your Travel Plans Reveal Past Life Karma? Past Life Reading

past life karma

In this episode, you’ll hear a past life reading for Lori. We talked about her travel plans revealing surprising clues to her past life karma. Past Life History Lori was curious why she feels a strong desire and connection to Scotland and Hawaii. She would like to visit both places someday. In addition, she’s read … Read more

Emotion Code Therapy: Dramatically Reduce Anxiety & Depression

Breathe Love & Magic podcast

If you struggle with anxiety and depression, Tenya Eickenberg works with Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code therapy to find relief and enjoy life more. Things Looked Good But They Weren’t I asked Tenya how she got started with this healing process and sharing it with people. What was at the root? Tenya had just purchased … Read more

Spiritual Walk-ins, STEs, Mediumship, Ancient Aliens & More

Do you know about spiritual walk-ins? My guest Julia Marie is one! We talk about STEs, star seeds, mediumship, ancient aliens, pyramids in Antarctica and so much more in this week’s wild episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast. Spiritually Transformative Experiences Julia and I started by having her explain what an STE is … Read more

Are Inner Peace & World Peace Related? MarBeth Dunn Says Yes!

Breathe Love & Magic podcast

Is peace a spiritual practice and if so, how are inner peace and world peace related? That’s the discussion for this episode, speaking with MarBeth Dunn, creator of the World Miracle Peace Experiment and founder of How to Create Inner Peace Before I dive into the interview, I just want to talk about how … Read more