Animal Communicator Shares Easy Tips To Talk To Your Pet

Do you wish you could talk to your pet? That’s what my guest Sharon Warner, Animal Communicator is talking about in this week’s episode.

Pet Psychics

 Animal communicatorThinking about what kind of topics I haven’t covered yet, the idea of pet psychic came to mind. But I didn’t think I knew any. Except, I did!

I remembered many of my friends talking about a local gal, Sharon Warner, who had helped them so much when they were having pet troubles. Things like animals not getting along or misbehaving, etc.

When I called to ask Sharon to be my guest, and inquired about how she got started, she surprised the heck out of me with her answer.

Turns out, she got started using her intuition over 20 years ago after taking my class on intuition! I was shocked and laughed my butt off hearing that one.

Having been teaching and doing readings for more than 20 years, it was nice to hear that one of my students started using her gifts to help others. It all started in my continuing education class held at the local high school. How funny!

Becoming an Animal Communicator

How did Sharon go from my class on intuition to being an animal communicator who my friends relied on for their pets? It started with her own dog who was a rescue animal and unfortunately was peeing in the house. He’d never been properly trained.

She sought an animal communicator for help. The woman talked to both her dog and her cat. They discovered the dog had terrible separation anxiety and so she brought the dog to parents during the day while she worked. That helped him a lot.

Later, while going through a divorce, Sharon wanted to find something fun to do and the pet psychic she had used was offering a class. She signed up and discovered it was really easy for her to do this work. it just clicked and she trusted it.

Sharon practiced with friends. Then the guy she was dating pointed out she really had a gift and suggested she start charging for the services.

Sometime later, she started working at psychic fairs as a pet psychic. She learned how to get and deliver the information quickly, in just 15 minutes and really trust herself. 

Intuition Is Coded in Your DNA

Intuition is a part of who we are, built into our DNA. And trusting your gut is wise because there are 500 million neurons connecting your gut directly to your brain. This has been scientifically proven!

I also worked at psychic fairs and that’s how I learned to do psychic work and trust myself. When you only have 15 minutes with a client, you don’t have time to second guess yourself. You get the information and deliver it right away.

Her Dog Was Hexed

pet psychicRecently, a friend of mine told me her dog had cancer on it’s paw. I offered to use the Soul Intelligence energy clearing which works on people and pets. It seems her adrenal glands were very taxed and I tried to clear them three times.

When things won’t clear energetically, there might be a curse or a vow and intuitively, I did hear the word “Hex.” So, I said the prayer to clear a curse and checked in again – the adrenals were now clear!

Then I was a little nervous to tell this to my friend. But I figured she knows me so just be brave and say what I discovered. I asked if she had a neighbor who might have cursed her dog and she said YES!

We talked about how you can throw a curse without meaning it intentionally. Her neighbor had complained about her dog barking while outside.

My friend thought the woman might have wished the dog would stop barking permanently. That would be a curse, even though she meant no harm.

Shows you the incredible power of your thoughts and words and why you want to be more conscious about both.

How She Helps Pets

Sharon says she mostly helps people with their pets regarding behavior, introducing a new animal into your home, pets getting along, and pet injuries to know what happened.

She can even check a pet’s history that’s been rescued. She does this for a re-homing group that wants all the information they can get to ensure a good placement for the animals.

Animal Communicator Examples

breathe love and magic podcastA client called Sharon to ask what was wrong with a dog she was watching. A couple asked her to watch both of their dogs while the husband was recovering from surgery. But the female dog really hated her and gave her a hard time.

Turns out the dog just needed to hear this situation was temporary. Right after the call, the dog immediately became friendly and much happier. Amazing!

There was another story about re-homing a Macaw that was beyond belief but you’ll have to listen to the podcast to get this tale. She gets chills every time she tells this anecdote.

Stories about Talking with Pets

I also mentioned a black panther in a South African animal rescue preserve, called Diablo, which totally blew me away. If you’ve got time, watch this video – its so worthwhile.

The panther didn’t like that name and was difficult and aloof, but after talking to the animal communicator, he allowed the preserve owner to speak with him and their relationship began from there.

Sharon talked about how animals are pure love and joy, and love their people. She also mentioned horses are more complex than other animals and like to be really connected to their owners.

They’re also super intuitive which I learned from the Equus coach I interviewed.

I relayed a story about doing a reading for a girlfriend years ago. I saw a cat around her and asked about that. Turns out she had a cat for 21 years and that was her cat – still hanging around. Sharon thinks her cat had become one of my friend’s guides.

What Sharon Wants You to Know

  • Almost anyone can communicate with animals.
  • Remember your pets are having an animal experience, so be careful not to humanize their situations or put your own emotions on the animal.
  • Animal communicators don’t have a magic wand and aren’t necessarily animal trainers.
  • She’s not a vet or nutritionist either.
  • She simply talks with your animal to learn what they need.
  • Your animals are listening when you talk to them, especially when it’s about them.
  • They are affected by your stress and what is going on in the home.
  • Animals don’t get to vent, so talking with a pet psychic can help them unload.
  • Sometimes all you’ll hear is how your pet want more treats! LOL

Tips On Talking With Your Pets

  1. Quiet your mind. One easy way is to do this before going to bed with the lights off and everything quiet.
  2. Visualize your pet. Feel your pet in your heart and how much you love them. Then see what comes to you.
  3. Everyone’s intuitive abilities show up differently which could include hearing, seeing, feeling, or knowing.
  4. Communication is often short phrases, maybe a word, a visual, symbol or feeling.
  5. Ask specific questions once you connect and trust what you get.

BIO – Sharon Warner

pet communicationSharon Warner is an Animal Communicator, who took Ronnie’s Intuition and Creating Abundance Class 20 years ago which got her started. After lots of practice and taking classes, today she communicates with your pets (alive or deceased).

Sharon connects with you and/or your pet’s energy and works with a “spiritual team” of Angels, Guides, Elementals, and Beings in the Light. She gains perspective and insights about relationships, health issues, behavior problems, end of life issues, and other important aspects of your life and the life of your pet.

The messages she receives are practical, straight forward, yet loving and supportive.  She can connect with more than one pet in the same session.  Sharon loves being able to help people and their pets to live a love and joy-filled life as best they can.


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