9 Energy Drains And 7 Ways To Turn Them Around

If you are concerned about energy drains and energy leakage, discover some of the most common sources that cause them in this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast. Then discover how to stop the outflow, so you can turn things around.

Do You Have Energy Leakage?

energy leakageEveryone expends energy and also takes in energy every day and this is completely normal. When talking about your energy, the best thing to aim for is a good balance with more inflow than out.

What nourishes you is what renews your energy. Self-care, exercise, creativity, doing work you love. These are all methods to keep your level of vibrancy on the high side.

However, there are a lot of ways you can let your energy slip through your fingers. That’s why it’s important to know what kinds of things are likely to cause an imbalance to much, much energy going out. Most often, energy leakage is the result of overextending yourself in one way or another.

Some of the energy drains I talk about in this episode are easier than others to identify and deal with. But each one can be addressed and shifted to regain your energy and balance.

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What Are Energy Drains?

energy leakageYou’ll hear me talk about energy drains in detail and list several of the most common ones.  You’ll find many to be obvious and common sense, while others might be a bit surprising.

Some are more physical in nature, but several are emotional. Poor health, lack of sleep, stress, not standing up for yourself, and unhealthy relationships – these are all prime examples of the way you might lose energy.

When these situations run your life, you will feel exhausted all the time. What you want to think about is how you can rebuild your energy.

What will renew your physical and emotional stamina? What will help you feel more vibrant and feed your soul? Figuring this out will make all the difference.

How to Stop Energy Loss

Then I move on to share why you want to stop energy leakage and how to do this. There are times when you can’t just change your circumstances, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t tools to help you cope better.

You’ll learn about seven different methods to curb energy drains and most of them are very straight forward.

Some fixes are super simple, like getting more sleep and attending to your health. Getting out in nature is another good option to rebuild your life force and vibrancy.

Another powerful option is to work on clearing your energy. I did an entire episode on clearing energy for your home, office and self.

Become Aware of Your Energy

One of the best ways to prevent energy leakage or to replenish your energy store is to build awareness about your own energy.

Becoming aware of your energy and what is happening with it allows you to more easily manage it. The greater your awareness, the easier it will be to stay energized and live your best life.

This could be as simple as thinking about your energy at lunch or at dinner. Checking in with yourself about how you’re feeling, helps to build your awareness up. In turn that ensures that you can take action if needed.

Like with so many things in life, awareness is everything.

I hope you found this podcast episode helpful and put some of the tips and methods to work to maintain your positive energy flow.

If you feel drained by your business or life and are ready to turn things around, consider working with me as your Business Intuitive.

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